Star Ocean: The Last Hope – August 3rd, 2009: Can’t Touch This

AUGUST 3RD, 2009: We had to return to Tatroi to get info on Black Eagle. He entered the local tournament! For some reason, the authorities can’t touch him while he’s schoolin’ fools.
Edge was being all wussy about changing Roak’s future forever. But when Lymle and Meracle expressed their sadness over losing people important to them, and with Faize’s and Sarah’s encouragement, Edge chose to join the tournament.


“Don’t forget, Edge – on the road you walk, your friends walk right alongside you,” said Faize.
He handed me my second defeat, and I nearly had him, too. You should probably save before this part of the game.
Black Eagle tried to win his freedom by winning several fights in a row. So when we win, he loses the medicine and his freedom. Justice FTW!
I recommend equipping Edge with the skills Critical Hit and First Aid.
“You’ve got something that belongs to the king,” said Edge. “Hand over the remedy and the raw materials.”
Black Eagle tried to play dumb, but Edge made him cry and he agreed to hand over everything.
“I only got my advance, but that’s better than nothing,” said Black Eagle. Yes, somebody paid him to pinch the remedy.
Somebody who doesn’t want people to recuperate from stone sickness.
Lord Lias Warren arrived to apprehend Black Eagle.
Edge was awestruck by Lias’ declaration of him as a hero. Lias even got the tournament crowd to join in.
“I just wanted to save Reimi…” said Edge.
Lymle was thrilled that Reimi was “squishy” again after Edge fed her the medicine. But Sarah expressed confusion at how quickly Reimi recovered. It had something to do with a symbol that appeared on her neck. Reimi talked about Project Hope, an experiment to create children resistant to radiation contamination on Earth. Reimi, Edge, and his rival Crowe are the only Seeds of Hope, used from the ancient DNA of a hardy breed of early Earthlings. During times of hardship or strong emotion, a symbol appears, signifying them as artificial descendants of the muah.
Lymle offered encouragement. “You’re still the Reirei we’ve been with all along, right? That’s all that matters, ‘kay?”
The declarations of friendship are sweet, but a little repetitive.
“I hate it,” said Reimi. “I hate what it’s given me.” She explained that some of her friends died years ago, when they played in a contaminated zone. As adults often do, they blamed Reimi for what happened. But her parents told her she would bring happiness. One day.
She doubted that she would ever do that.
She praised Edge’s abilities while denouncing her own.
“Sooner or later, the old Edge will be back,” said Reimi. “You’ve never done anything wrong.”
She fell asleep in Edge’s arms!
He laid her down to rest and said, “I need more time. But… I feel a bit better.”
Edge can use symbology because of his muah DNA. His father, Arnold Maverick, was the one that discovered the DNA from some ancient ruins or something.
The grigori don’t intimidate me; rather, it’s who made them and for what purpose.
Edge left the inn and sat on a bench. Then, a trio of idiot ruffians tried to pick a fight with him. One of them taunted, “Anybody coulda won with a sword like that.”
“Exactly the same,” thought Edge, comparing them to Milla Bachtein.
He came to the conclusion that he and his crew have a dramatic effect on underdeveloped planets indeed. But he still tried to fight the three goons.
However, before he could act, the hot nedian from Cardinanon zapped them with symbology. Her name? Myuria. She and Edge talked for a while.


Turned out that the red-haired man is Crowe. She wants revenge on him because she blames him for the death of her husband, and the destroying her life with him.

Aw. 😥

Edge made the case for Crowe’s innocence, but Myuria said, “If you believe in this man so much, boy, then I have no doubt  you’ll lead me to him.” Then, she left.
The next morning, a panicked Meracle woke Edge up because Sarah was kidnapped by the same guys who tried to kidnap her before.
Fellpools seem to be voracious little things. Meracle occasionally has a prop knife, fork, and bib.
I don’t believe that Crowe would kill some random guy… without a reason.
The members of the Black Tribe have vanished. Do they have anything to do with Sarah’s disappearance?
TSS made you choose among several optional party members.

Not that they always made it clear. In my first game, I only wound up with seven party members, leaving a permanent void, mocking me. Laughing.

My playthrough of that game would not have been the same without the Prima official game guide.
One of my favorite parts of that game was Fun City. A clear successor to FFVII’s Gold Saucer, another amusement park town, and a superb light shining in the darkness of a serious game. FC had a tournament, bunny races, cooking challenges, and… a love fortune teller.
Simple delights, but I never really outgrew them.