Star Ocean: The Last Hope – August 4th, 2009: The Purge

AUGUST 4TH, 2009: We tried to follow Sarah’s trail beyond the desert and into the Purgatorium. There was a feather on the floor of the entrance. 

The statues of the muah were there, too. They didn’t look any different from regular humans.

Faize was sure that Sarah was in the Purgatorium. But there seemed to be no way to get any deeper into the complex.

That was when Meracle suggested we visit Lady Eleyna.

The Purgatorium had flaming corpses wandering around inside!

When we returned to Tropp, a representative of Asmodeus the Archfiend was spreading his propaganda all over the place. He also had a purple crystal embedded in his forehead. He said that we must be baptized by the flames that Asmodeus would use to purge this “ugly world”.

The representative preyed upon the temporary stall in stone sickness remedy production to curry favor for Asmodeus.

Eleyna was not at her house. Lymle barged in – the door was unlocked. Eleyna’s house showed no signs of theft…

Some sydonians set the house ablaze while we were inside! But a teleportation symbol enveloped us. We wound up in a dark cave.

Then Eleyna revealed herself, claiming that she foresaw our arrival and her house being burned down. She was not very considerate. She must be one of those girls whose trust is hard to earn.

Meracle was very disappointed. “Don’t! My beautiful bubbles… Stop bursting them!”

Eleyna liked Lymle’s nickname for her. There’s hope!

Eleyna may not be the Holy Maiden, but her abilities are not to be doubted. Unbeknownst to the sydonians, Myuria was there to stop them from torching Eleyna’s hideout. Myuria sent them to the Archfiend.

“Why does Giotto always give out the tedious jobs?!” She mentioned having to stop the Archfiend’s resurrection.

Eleyna confirmed my suspicion: the sydonians captured Sarah. “The Sydoniasts luster after my power.” She said that they offered her membership.

Eleyna also knew that we came across the star ocean, through “augury”.

Sarah is the key to the resurrection, as a holy blood sacrifice.

Through augury, Eleyna revealed the terrifying details of the ritual. It seemed to hurt her in more ways than one.

Edge pleaded to be kept separate from the fate of a planet again. Eleyna called him foolish and suddenly fainted. He surmised that she knew how to get further into the Purgatorium, and he suggested that we wait until she awoke, which upset Faize. Reimi reminded him that Edge was our captain.

Eleyna gave us a keycard, called a Lamp of Guidance, to get deeper into the Purgatorium. She said that, if we forced our way in, we would have killed Sarah.

Before we left, Eleyna asked Meracle to tell her more about Lady Eleyna sometime. Eleyna also had stern words for Edge, telling him not to overestimate the waves that he could create in the star ocean. “Fret! Fear! Weep! But do not stop. Insignificant as you are, you will discover something only you can do.”

“…Was that augury?” asked Edge.

“Just advice from a pretentious fortune teller.”

She turned her attention to Reimi and assured her that the muah inside her exists for a reason. She has the muah’s divine protection.

Edge assured Faize that the old Edge is coming back.

“I can’t believe that took all night,” complained Myuria. She explained that stopping the Archfiend was a mission endowed upon her as a morpheus. Hmm. Anyway, she joined the party.