Star Ocean: The Last Hope – August 5th, 2009: Cracks

AUGUST 5TH, 2009: We eavesdropped on some worshippers talking about spreading the stone sickness. One of them asked about the other’s garb. He explained that he got it from a Black Tribe member, and that he “offered him up to Asmodeus this morning”.
Faize overheard this and barged into the study. “What have you people done?!”

He froze all of the cultists in the study.
Faize: “Oh, please… please be safe…”
He also overheard that the ritual has started.
Myuria has all sorts of tattoos.
We found Sarah – and the guy who had a Grigori in his forehead. He wasn’t even a human. 
His reason for wanting to do the ritual was his shock at the breadth of the human appetite.
Edge was even more angered over the idea of Serah being sacrificed for such a vain reason. His muah symbol glowed with such an intense heat that it blew his crew away.
The captain declared that “Roak doesn’t need this kind of death!”
The cult leader, Tamiel, was the toughest boss yet. He can summon followers and compound their abilities.
If your characters can learn Critical Hit, you’ll gain EXP X 10 Bonus Board tiles like they spam accounts on social media.
I unlocked Trounced Tamiel. Suck it!
“I beg your forgiveness, Asmodeus… I was not worthy… my greed prevented your resurrection…”
He prayed to Asmodeus for our destruction, and was lost when the ground beneath him fell away forever.
Serah was still utterly polite when she awoke.
Just by looking at Edge, she knew he’d spoken to Eleyna.
“Yes, yes,” said Serah. “I’m so glad.”
Edge was tearfully happy that everyone was ok.
Everyone, that is, except for the Black Tribe member that gave Faize his scarf. When the young Eldarian saw her discarded jewelry, his eyes glowed red, and he began to laugh…
Lymle snapped him out of it, and he dismissed his finding, telling the others that there was nothing worthy of investigation.
“It seems like it’s been so long since I’ve seen the sky,” said Edge, outside the Purgatorium. Sarah departed, explaining that she needed to report to Eleyna. The party found it a little strange that she left so quickly.
Reimi told Edge to just be the Edge that she knew. She knew that she would be right there with him forever.
Lymle was concerned about Faize, but he dismissed it. Then, Edge received a message from Welch:

“Return to the Calnus immediately.”

It’s fun to freeze enemies with Myuria’s Deep Freeze. A frozen enemy can be killed with one blow!
I wish we could take a Roak bunny with us!
Welch missed us. “Finnnally! God! Were you guys having a picnic, or what?!”
Upon seeing Myuria, she dubbed her the “big sister” type.
Welch said that we had new orders to return to Aeos. We lost contact with the base. Uh-oh.
Welch noted Myuria’s “prime assets”.
Edge is suspicious of Faize now, too. Lymle wants him to remove the scarf. “It looks bad on him, ‘kay?”
Did Meracle really say, “Meowreka”?! Love. Her.