Star Ocean: The Last Hope – August 6th, 2009: Black Hole Sun, Won’t You Come?

AUGUST 6TH, 2009: “Sarrie, bye-bye!” Lymle waved farewell to Sarah.
Meracle said goodbye upon departing Roak. And then Sarah said goodbye. SARAH SAID GOODBYE?!

How did she get on the ship?!
From the Calnus, Sarah saw her world from afar for the very first time. “…So this is our world, Roak. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”
She told us about a vision she had, where Asmodeus destroyed Roak. Eleyna had a similar augury. But Sarah also foresaw visions from the star ocean that showed Roak being spared such a fate.
Sarah joined the party. “When I’m with you, I feel like I can fly.”
After we happily welcomed Sarah into the crew, Faize’s eyes glowed red again…
When Welch met Sarah, she said, “Now it’s a bird, huh…? You really have some really unusual taste, Edge.”
“Do you think I’m some kind of deviant?” Edge asked in return.
We talked about Sarah’s inability to fly, and Welch floated to make fun of her. It got crazy pretty quick.

That’s kinda mean. }:<

Meracle pulled a fast one on Lymle when she stole a reward cookie for Lymle’s dog, Cerberus. While in her cat form. God, they’re adorable.
I wonder if she ever turned into a cat when Professor Bachtein was around.
She looks like a Siamese in cat form, but she is not blue.
Siamese are pretty cats.
It’s neat how everyone had their own Blindside animation.
You can sleep through any Private Actions and hurry through the warp sequence by sleeping in Edge’s quarters.
That reward cookie was cutely shaped like a star.
Something terrible happened on Aeos. Bacchus said that there were no humanoid life signs besides the crew’s. Reimi collapsed to her knees. Edge put his hand on her shoulder.
Suddenly, the black and red ship flew overhead. Sarah thought that it was a bird.
Reimi recognized the ship as one of a similar make to SRF ships.
Myuria wondered if it was the “Phantoms”. Phantoms were used by a group of bent on destroying living beings. En II’s forces tried to investigate and subjugate them.
We decided to find where the ship landed.
Sarah’s voice is so sweet and melodic!
Aeos has lots of irritating and poisonous monsters.
The Phantom reminds me of the demon fetus and the Otherworld evil effect from Silent Hill 3.
When we found the ship, weird monsters shaped like SRF soldiers attacked us.
Faize said, “Edge, this is bad. There’s too many of them.”
Meracle was less subtle. “No, no, no, no, no! There’s just too many of them, meow!”
Suddenly, the Phantom ship charged up some kind of death laser, until some ships blew it to hell. With some help from a Sol.
The man who made several shots was Crowe. Unfortunately, despite all of these efforts, the Phantom escaped and left its “crew” behind.
Luckily, Crowe and Mr. 13th were willing to show them equal diplomacy.
Lymle was impressed. “Wowie wow! They’re so strong, ‘kay?”
“Mr. Crowe, I see you made it to En II safely,” said Bacchus.
Crowe greeted Edge and Reimi. “Long time no see.”
“You bastard… I thought you were dead.” Edge could barely contain his emotion.
Neither could Myuria.
Once, Myuria and her husband worked on a ship. They were literally star-crossed.
Until something attacked them. Her husband sacrificed himself so that she could flee in an escape pod.
She awoke in time to see the ship explode… and Crowe’s face on a monitor.
There never seem to be enough escape pods on these ships.
Crowe had a message from her husband, Lucien Tionysus. It contained his final words. Crowe wanted to rescue him, but his wounds were fatal.

“Myuria, I regret there are not many things I can leave you… But I am so thankful for the happiness of meeting you…
Myuria, my love… I will love you forever… Myuria… I want you…”

Their ship was attacked by a Cardinanon warship. Crowe couldn’t understand the messageĀ  because the warp accident damaged the translator. He couldn’t understand the message until he met Bacchus, and used his translation device.
Finally, Crowe could apologize to Myuria. She couldn’t stop crying.
“You’ve made some pretty interesting friends, Edge,” said Crowe.
“Yeah…” agreed Edge.
Crowe abandoned his SRF mission of exploration because of all of the threats, including the Grigori.
The morphus have some new discoveries about them. They absorb organic data and can reconstitute it as inorganic lifeforms. And they used the SRF’s data to make the Phantom ships and soldiers.
Faize asked, “Why… why wasn’t I with them?” He was devastated that such a fate befell his brethren.
He confronted Mr. 13th about why he didn’t protect the Eldarian base. There was a very good reason for that.
Eldar was no more.
The Phantoms ignited their sun, throwing it into a red giant.
As many of them tried to escape as possible, but the Phantoms impaled their space forces.
Mr. 13th was rescued by Crowe.
Lymle comforted Faize.
There were refugees, but their fleet was under attack by Phantoms. Faize decided to go with Crowe to help them.
“Faize, don’t forget about us,” urges Edge. “We’re your friends, too.”
Bacchus said that we would reunite on En II.
Lymle didn’t want him to go. Faize said that he would reconsider if she said that his cloak looked good.
“But it looks really bad on you, ‘kay?”


Faize swore to save his people, no matter what the cost. Lymle was disappointed that he left.
And so, Mr. 13th, really Arumat P. Thanatos, joined us in Faize’s stead to destroy the Grigori on Aeos.

I almost titled this installment “The Phantom Pain”, but it seemed a little obvious.