Star Ocean: The Last Hope – August 7th – 8th, 2009: Infinity

AUGUST 7TH, 2009: I unlocked Treasure Hunter! I’m afraid that some treasure chests may be lost to me forever.

Myuria no longer wanted to kill Crowe.
The enemy variety is OK, but I get so sick of fighting bugs, especially the poisonous ones.

AUGUST 8TH, 2009: “Oh, my goodness,  that’s certainly a very large ant sleeping on the floor there,” observed Sarah, when she found a giant bug inside of the Miga Insect Warren.
The bug was mutated by the Grigori. With the full knowledge of the Grigori, it talked to us. “Our end is an impossibility. Accept the new universe.”
Arumat had none of it. “Your petty persuasions can’t deceive me. You say you’re infinite? I’ll give you infinite destruction. You say you’re perpetual? I’ll show you perpetual ruin!”
Myuria said that we traded one Eldarian for a very different one. Edge said that all that mattered was that Arumat was a valued ally.
I unlocked Massacred Manifest. Have I ever rarely felt like I deserved an Achievement as much as this one.
I unlocked tons of Battle Trophies for Meracle in that fight.
“Our destruction serves no purpose. We are infinite. We are all who are one,” claimed the manifest, before it crumbled to dust.
Edge swore to destroy all Grigori in the name of Captain Grafton and the other SRF members, and their dreams.
Meanwhile, Crowe and the Eldarians waged an epic battle against the Phantoms.
The Aquila tried to cover the Eldarians’ warpout, but their engines were hit. Then, the Phantoms started annihilating the fleet.
“They’ll all die…” swore Faize. “They’re all going to die…”
He left the Aquila and tried to protect the Eldarians with his Sol. “I’m going to do what not even Edge could do! Me! Me!”
He plunged into the fleet, but suddenly, a bright light enveloped his Sol.
Edge decided to go to En II. Lymle wanted Arumat to come along, but he was resistant.
Lymle tried to persuade him. “People who you save are friends, ‘kay?”
“…What a simple girl,” said Arumat. “Would you say that if you knew I was Death himself?”
Arumat’s justification was that he watched countless comrades die. Although he would never admit it, he surely didn’t want to risk the safety of Edge’s crew.
Edge rebuffed him, and said with unyielding resolve, “We’re a lot stronger than we look.”
Arumat put his reservations aside and stayed with the party.
Do yourself a favor and never, ever set a party member’s Tactics to “Fight freestyle/Gang up on foes without using MP!” At least, not for the symbologists…
Aeos was such a beautiful planet.
I created a superior sword through Synthesis! I used Paryton Droppings to add a Silence effect on top of its toxic attributes.
Myuria said, “Friends, huh. Sure has been a while since I felt like this. I guess I was too busy running around all by myself…”
Meracle was sad that Faize was gone. Without him, she didn’t have anyone to snack on cookies with anymore. The Eldarian equivalent of cookies was Faize’s favorite dessert.
Now, we go to En II for real this time.
“We can no longer deny what’s happening to our universe,” declared Edge.
Lymle said, “As long as we’re together, we’re all right, ‘kay?”
Myuria said that all Lucien wanted was to bring peace to the universe. “I’m going because I want to, boy.”
Edge said that the extermination of the Grigori was contrary to the SRF’s exploration mission. He deduced that pursuit of such a goal would get them expelled from the SRF. That was why he asked everyone if they really wanted to continue the mission.
Sarah wanted to come along because she hadn’t yet learned how to fly. “I’d be in a bit of trouble if you left me behind!”
Bacchus was slightly disappointed that Edge doubted his willingness to fight by asking if he even wanted to come.
Meracle said that where Edge went, she would go. Reimi reminded Edge that a crew’s duty was to follow their captain.
Lymle was teased by Meracle about her totally not no-way Jose missing Faize.
Suddenly, we were attacked by Phantoms. But we were narrowly rescued by “Lightspeed” Kenny!
Sarah introduced herself to him. “I’m Sarah Jerand. I’m a featherfolk who can’t fly!”
Kenny noticed the unique crew that Edge assembled.
Edge affirmed, “Yes, sir! They’re my friends and I’m very proud of them!”
Kenny accepted that Edge had some ETs on his crew. Kenny also said that the Eldarian refugee fleet reached safety.
Edge gave Kenny an oral report of everything that had happened. Kenny commended him for staying strong under such circumstances.
There was a problem with the Eldarians. They blamed the SRF and therefore humans for the Phantoms destroying Eldar. The USTA was forced to deny the existence of the SRF completely. The Calnus had to play along and be expunged once it’s crew was delivered safely.
Edge denied the order. “All the places this ship has taken us…”
Kenny said that the SRF couldn’t grant them any amnesty. And the Calnus may not find any elsewhere in the universe, either.
“I’m going to keep moving forward,” declared Edge.
Kenny commended his boldness before he told him, “You no longer exist.”
Edge’s crew stood firm. Lymle had faith in Edge; Meracle felt that she belonged in the crew; Sarah said something ditzy but genuine; Bacchus admired Edge’s passion; Myuria said that Edge should be OK with everyone taking care of him; and Arumat gave him a backhanded compliment towards his luck.
Edge said that he would keep moving forward for these friends.
Kenny gave him his blessing.
But Shimada… Kenny reflected on a futile argument with him.
“Mankind’s only hope for survival lies in space,” said Kenny.
Shimada claimed that his failure was more important. “It’s not like the Earth is going to blow up tomorrow.”
Back in the present, Kenny lamented, “I must be getting old. I can’t believe I so meekly complied…”
Shimada only cared about his political career.