Star Ocean: The Last Hope – August 9th, 2009: No Hope

AUGUST 9TH, 2009: Reimi made too many cookies, but Lymle loved them. She wanted to share them with Faize, but realizing that made her lose her appetite. “…I don’t want any dumb ol’ cookies Faize liked!”

Sarah accidentally flew while trying to get off of a treadmill!
She claimed that she just couldn’t get off of the ground. She thought that she could learn how if she became a better runner.
Arumat saved Meracle from a pile of junk that fell on her. She was very grateful, and she kissed him, to his confusion. Edge tried to explain that it was harmless by pretending to go and kiss him, but Arumat shoved him into some crates.
Meracle promised to save Edge next time.
Our rogue ship finally boarded on En II. We had some fun floating around in the weak gravity of the docking bay.
Our mission: meet “Ex”.
Bacchus suddenly wanted to modify the Calnus. Edge was concerned that the ship originally built for space exploration was going to be modified for space combat.
The music for En II reminds me of Vangelis.
We went to Control Room A to speak to Ex, but all that we found was an extremely polite character named Giotto.
He took us to meet Ex, the “will of the Morphus”, a transcendental force. Edge asked it about what was happening to the universe.
It said that “a will unknown” was trying to nullify the nature of the universe. The will would create a new universe devoid of sentient life. Nature itself would be killed to serve that purpose. Ex said that we must put a stop to the “Missing Procedure”.
Edge wondered if they were serving the Missing Procedure’s purpose by exploring space. Ex said that we weren’t entirely guiltless. But the Missing Procedure had no hope or faith as its motivation. Their only creed was avarice.
Actually, it seems more like lust to me…
“I may be insignificant, and it may be an insignificant thing… but it’s something the universe needs,” decided Edge.
“So you finally found it,” said Reimi.
Bacchus said that he felt Edge’s heat again.
Sarah didn’t really understand, but she was ready, as was Meracle. Lymle didn’t want what happened to Lemuris to happen to any other planet. Arumat found Edge’s resolve “interesting”. And Myuria liked boys that rushed into danger.
Suddenly, a Grigori crashes into En II. It may want to corrupt En II’s sacred gems – its most priceless treasure. Giotto wanted to mobilize the defense force, but Edge volunteered his services, which made Ex laugh.
“I did not even know Ex could laugh,” Giotto revealed.
Ex has tons of things to say about life, the universe, and everything.
Since it’s been a month since I started the game, I will pick the moment that revealed TLH’s soul to me: when Lymle’s grandfather expressed her joy at her finally finding friends.
I unlocked Creature Collector!
We encountered Early Psynards. These birds were the equivalent of airships in Star Ocean: The Second Story.
These Psynards looked more like phoenixes.
Arumat’s image is like that of the Grim Reaper’s.
He seems to be an incredibly powerful character.
I haven’t been so pleasantly surprised by an RPG cast since Tales of Symphonia, probably.
TLH does recycle the same enemies over and over.