Star Ocean: The Last Hope – August 10th, 2009: Only Yesterday

At the Sanctuary, our enemy prepared to destroy the sacred gems, which looked like obelisks.
A demon of sorts sent by the Missing Procedure stood against us. It asked us to stand down. When we refused, it said, “You will sing your own songs of destruction. Your cries of despair will become the hymn of a beautiful new universe.”

It attacked with a psychic wave that knocked down everyone but Reimi.
“You possess a power of which we know not,” said the demon.
Reimi woke everyone up, and they were finally ready for battle.
“I will not be made a fool of,” declared Arumat.
Lymle said, “Let’s do this, ‘kay?”
The demon, Kokobiel, complained, “You foolish creatures puzzle us… Why do you wish to die in agony?”
Kokobiel was a tough one to figure out. It looked like it got lost on its way to go get a fitting for one of Voldo’s costumes; its only elemental weakness was darkness; it was sturdy; and it was protected by Kokobiel Spawn, which were nearly impossible to kill. Not as tough as the last boss, though.
With all of the Spawn floating around, it’s ridiculously easy to rack up insane combos. My highest ever: sixty-six hits.
Unlocked Quelled Kokobiel.
Kokobiel asked, “Why do you insist on standing against us? If not for you…”
Reimi destroyed the Grigori, which garnered praise from her fellow female fighters. Bacchus then suggested that we rest in the Centropolis.
Hours later, Edge caught Reimi lost in thought. She just woke up from a dream about her parents. Edge thanked her for destroying the Grigori.
Reimi expressed disdain for her enhanced body, and blamed her parents for it. But then, she said that those powers saved “the person most important to me.”
She thanked her parents for… everything. Edge thanked his parents, too.
Reimi leaned up against Edge and said, “I never realized how broad your back is, Edge…”
She recalled Eleyna’s advice to stay with Edge forever, and asked if she could.
That dream of hers was a nightmare for her, until yesterday, when she realized that her Muah powers “can bring happiness to everyone…”
Morning. Ex had a plan to reveal to us.
Morphi applauded our victory over the Grigori. Giotto presented Ex’s plan to infiltrate Nox Obscurus, a link between the Grigori and the Missing Procedure.

In the Japanese version, it was called “Baroque Dark”. In English, this Latin phrase means, “the night is dark”. Ok.

It was the only road open to us.
Edge found Nox Obscurus familiar-looking. Bacchus said that the Cardiannon mothership’s warp destination was Nox Obscurus.
Nox Obscurus was headed for the solar system.
It wanted Earth.
There was a single lifesign in the middle of Nox Obscurus. It supplied energy from the Grigori to the Missing Procedure.
En II would transport itself to Nox Obscurus, and we would infiltrate from there. Giotto believed that, “If even one of us reaches the core, it will mean our victory.”
The overhaul of the Calnus was complete.
Edge wanted Giotto to tell Crowe that his group got here first.


“‘You snooze, you lose’,” taunted Edge.
“I will,” promised Giotto.
The sanctuary was the most beautiful and underdeveloped place on En II.
Once we reach Nox Obscurus, we have to set up a transporter that will allow us to return to the Morphus homeworld.
Upon reaching Nox Obscurus, we had trouble making our way through the Phantom defenses.
Arumat took over weapons control with manual aim, which helped us get to Nox Obscurus. Myuria balked at his “barbaric” method, but that was the ticket.
We tried to land on Nox Obscurus, but then another fleet poured out of it!
“I told you I was Death incarnate,” Arumat added unhelpfully.
Suddenly, another fleet attacked the new Phantom swarm. It was Eldarian. Kenny and Gaghan led the main ship. They anticipated the Obscurus’ arrival.
Gaghan said that the Eldarians’ friendship with Earth was important. He noted Faize’s absence, and Edge expressed faith that his friend would return.
Our allies promised to hold the front line while we plunged into the heart of darkness.
Nox Obscurus forced its pole into the planet itself, and it mutated into a living weapon.
Kenny was utterly shocked. “Is that thing… alive?!”
Bacchus couldn’t calculate its power. Edge ordered emergency evasive maneuvers.
The weapon shot a beam right at the Moon.
While Shimada was enjoying a steak, his advisors expressed their reservations. He told them that nothing was going to go wrong. Right after he complained that his steak was uncooked, the beam scorched across the surface of the moonbase.
That cooked his steak well enough.
We tried to hail the Earth fleet, but communications were down. We could only barely hear Kenny’s voice.
It was then that Crowe came across the comms.
The Aquila returned. Damaged, but safe. Crowe himself didn’t look too good. He blamed himself for the fates of the Eldarians that couldn’t escape in time, but Myuria told him to not beat himself up.
Lymle asked about Faize, and Crowe told her about his sudden disappearance. Crowe presumed the worst.
Lymle started to gently kick Faize’s old chair, which Arumat borrowed. He told her that wouldn’t bring Faize back, no matter what.
Crowe wanted to use the Aquila as an anchor to create a black hole in the middle of Nox Obscurus. Edge didn’t want him to do it.
“I have a debt to repay,” he said. “To the people who believed in me.
I leave the universe to you. I know you won’t let me down.”
He named every member of the Aquila, with Faize for as the last one on the list.
Crowe said, “See ya… on the other side of the star ocean.”
Bacchus confirmed the destruction of Nox Obscurus’ defense system. “The status of the Aquila… is unknown.”
Edge ordered the Calnus to weave its way to the pole. The attempt severely damaged the ship’s shield and weapons systems. Edge begged the Calnus to not let our friends’ dying wishes go unfulfilled.
Suddenly, Lymle activated two symbols that she doodled on one of the halls of the Calnus. They gave the ship the final push needed to land on the pole.
The landing was a little rough, and prompted Edge to ask of this was heaven.
“No,” answered Arumat. “Not with me around, it’s not.”

Ugh. You know, I’d forgotten how whiny he was.


“I think I can fly,” said a clearly dizzy Sarah.
Meracle asked how Lymle was holding up, and she replied, “I’m OK, ‘kay?”
She took full credit for her symbols saving the ship. Attagirl!
That was nearly a half hour’s worth of awesomeness, but damn, are they trying to compete with Metal Gear Solid for long cutscenes?