Tidus: Video Games’ Answer to Toxic Masculinity

One of my favorite articles ever on FemHype.


Final Fantasy X

[TW: Emotional abuse, grief, and racial discrimination.]

Tidus from Final Fantasy X is a man we don’t often get to see in video games. While the stoic Cloud, brooding Solid Snake, and snarky Drake are familiar staples of mainstream video game land, Tidus eschewed this common hard-jawed machoism in favor of sensitivity and humor. What many games would even hold back on in favor of a sad reveal, you witness in the first few hours of Final Fantasy X—from Tidus sharing his hurt at the hands of his father to the loss of his mother to, yes, even being told he’s known to cry often—and that’s before this sports all-star gets teleported from his home in Zanarkand into the unknown world of Spira by a mysterious monster called Sin! When he encounters a group of people willing to help him find his way home (while trying to defeat Sin along the…

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