Star Ocean: The Last Hope – August 12th, 2009: Beyond

AUGUST 12th, 2009: Lymle tried to teach Cerberus tricks so that Faize wouldn’t get upset at his behavior. She missed Faize so much, she started to cry with a neutral expression. Edge promised to help her teach Cerberus how to behave by teaching him how to shake, but he bit our captain instead.
I enjoyed Item Creation the most yesterday out of all of my attempts. Before, I didn’t understand how to set up my teams.
Faize’s data is still on the Battle Trophies screen.
Is he going to be the Aeris of this game?
I unlocked Novice Battler! Thanks, Reimi.
Coincidentally, the icon for the Achievement is a bow.
There is a place on Nox Obscurus where Grigori produce some kind of force that seals Arts and symbols.
There is a scary cyclone that blocks off a certain part of Nox Obscurus. Bacchus theorized that the core lies beyond it.
Meracle smelled something off nearby. We are going to investigate.
There was a fragment from the Aquila where Meracle smelled something. That fragment put a dent into the cyclone. Meracle smelled that part of the area leaking out.
Serah guessed that, with Meracle’s sense of smell, that she would never be able to escape her.
A door stood before us. A door to the end.
…At least, that’s what everyone said.
But Myuria said that that was just a turning point.
Edge said that it was where we would save the universe from false evolution.
Reimi had faith in Edge, and said that she would stay with him to the ends of the universe… and beyond.
Inside the Palace of Creation, there was no time, movement, or color. Arumat lambasted their “idiotic little tricks”.
It’s eerie, and we had to walk through a beam of light to reactivate the Palace.
I executed a Perfect Rush Combo with Edge and Reimi! Guess they really are meant for each other.