Hideo Kojima Takes Long Vacations

Shiny New Cartridge

CGft5b4I think that’s what Konami is trying to say, at least.

It’s fairly well known around the games scene that Hideo Kojima and Konami had some sort of falling out during the making of Metal Gear Solid 5. Up to that point, his name had appeared on the games themselves, something that isn’t surprising when you realize he’s spent 30 years with the company.

The implication has been that he would be gone once the game was out and complete. Sure enough, stories surfaced a week or two ago that he had his last day at the company, complete with a going-away party on 9.October.

But Konami says that isn’t the case. And they don’t know what the party was all about, either.

I get that there needs to be some privacy in the games world, and that’s fine. But a certain opacity actually starts to hurt a company rather…

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