Star Ocean: The Last Hope – August 19th – 21st, 2009: Beware of Evil Clowns

AUGUST 19th, 2009: Evil clowns be damned, I unlocked Colosseum Charter!

Those clowns were evil. Their health points weren’t very high, but they could do thousands of points of damage at a time! One of their Arts was a bouncing ball attack that was like a carpet of fire unfolding over your face!
They could also turn you into pumpkins.
I guess that, after Faize, Bacchus is the character that I’m least effective at using.
Some of the music in this game reminds me of Star Ocean: The Second Story.
One of the tournament groups was called Crisis Corps.
AUGUST 21st, 2009: I unlocked Errand Boy!
There’s no way that I could do everything in this game. Is there?
I did everything that I wanted to in SO: TSS.
The only possible regret I could have with that game is that VGJs weren’t around back then.
I haven’t found all of the monsters and quests and stuff, but everyone says that Nox Obscurus is the final battleground.
Yesterday, I made dozens of pimp items. Items so pimp, that they don’t even have names for ’em.
Some items require the Philosopher’s Stone…and if Fullmetal Alchemist taught me anything, it’s that the Philosopher’s Stone is a jerk magnet to an unfathomable degree.
I unlocked Dilletante Designer! And now I have three sixes in my Gamerscore! Is somebody trying to tell me something?
I’m not so sure if those were Grigori in the Halls of Termination area of Nox Obscurus. Perhaps those crystals were a similar design.
The Palace of Creation sure is pretty.
Bacchus has a cool-looking move called Black Hole Sphere.
Reimi has the highest level out of anyone in the party. Surprisingly, the character with the lowest level is… Edge.