Let’s Talk About Accessibility: What It’s Like to Game With a Disability


Lego Batman 3

The other day I was playing a game from my backlog—Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. It was great. I love the Lego games, especially the writing in Lego Batman. Plus, I’m a completionist, so having a game with lots of collectables to find just makes me warm and fuzzy. I was maybe a third of the way through the main story when Lego Brainiac captured Lego Wonder Woman (who I was playing as). The camera switches to a closeup of Wondey trying to break free while the game prompts me to tap A repeatedly. There’s really no urgency. I’m not losing health, and even if I was, this is a Lego game. Infinite lives. No doubt the game designers meant this to be a minor annoyance during a climactic boss fight. For me, it was an inescapable five-second animation loop that ended my 100% playthrough before the halfway mark.

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