Star Ocean: The Last Hope – June 17th – 18th, 2010: Do Not Go Quietly

JUNE 17th, 2010: Of course, that’s different now. It’s been a while since I updated this VGJ. I did play the game after the last update. I tried to solve the puzzle of the Palace of Creation, Area 7, but I gave up and then messed around in the Colosseum.

I don’t remember such a hiatus between updates.

But today, I figured out what I needed to do: stand around and wait.
That’s right – in the second area with the isolated asteroids, that’s what you need to do to trigger the gates that will take you to the other staircase in Area 7. There, the Serpent Staff unfreezes the room, and you can progress through to the…
Audience Chamber.
Meracle has the highest level now. Myuria has the lowest at 70, I think. Meracle’s level is in the low 80s now.

JUNE 18th, 2010: Actually, Myuria’s level is only sixty-eight.
It was Faize.
The Apostle of Creation that awaited beyond the Audience Chamber – under that armor and full face helmet was Faize. Lymle recognized his scarf. Our lost ally, subverted by the Missing Procedure. It was the light that engulfed him and his ship. He became one of its missionaries.
It wanted to fashion a new and perfect universe by destroying this one. A universe where everyone can be “saved”, be they a group like the Black Tribe or an entire planet’s worth of people, such as Eldar…
After we defeated the Apostle of Creation once, he re-emerged unscathed, but his helmet fell off.
He threatened to destroy Earth.
Suddenly, we were teleported to a dimension that looked like a black void with Grigori floating around.
Edge’s frustration and determination made his crest glow. A light appeared that only he could see. He and his crew decided to follow it.
I thought that there was something suspicious about Faize’s disappearance. The Apostle of Creation’s voice was what made me suspect that it was him under that armor.
Everyone grew exhausted trying to reach the light. It dimmed more and more the closer they got.
Faize taunted them, but Edge fought back with his theory of evolution. By expressing how everything he did and everyone he met brought him to that point in his evolution.
The light swelled. Edge walked into it. So many of the people he met told him what he already knew. Faize and Crowe gave him the final push… and Edge and his crew returned to the throne room. Reimi apologized for ever doubting her friend.
“It’s all right,” replied Edge. “I always believed in you.”
Faize was very confused. He was irritated at hearing that name.
Lymle said, “We’ll say it again and again. Faize. Faize!”
The Apostle of Creation was enraged. Without that rage, he could not fight the influences of Faize’s memories and feelings. The Missing Procedure corrupted him further, turning him into Satanail.

“Prove yourself to me, Edge Maverick.”

Satanail isn’t a boss, he’s an endurance mode. He easily has over a million hit points.
I unlocked Silenced Satanail.
Faize’s armor vanished. He told Edge that he was indeed strong. Edge told him that it was close.
Lymle told Faize that he was just a big, hopeless dummy. Then, she finally admitted, “I… liked you, ‘kay? …The truth is.. the truth is… You cloak did kinda look good on you…”
She turned away from him. Her voice cracked. “Only… a little…”
He thanked her. “That… makes me kind of happy.”
The chamber rumbled as it began to fall apart. Without the Apostle of Creation – Faize – the power supply could not sustain itself.
The crew tried to escape, but the floor crumbled. Lymle was narrowly saved by Bacchus.
Edge, who carried Faize, was separated from the others. The captain told Bacchus that they would be fine, and to go on ahead.
Bacchus said, ” I believe in you, Mr. Edge.”
He left carrying Lymle.
Faize asked where he went wrong. All he ever wanted was to be strong like Edge. Now, Faize believed that that desire was how he fell into the Missing Procedure’s trap.
The floor fell out from beneath them, and Edge barely caught Faize’s hand, but he could not pull him up.
The transfer symbol appeared, and the others went to it. But when Reimi saw Edge’s predicament, she ran over to him, only for the floor beneath her to give way. Sarah narrowly saved her, and dragged her back to the symbol’s sphere of influence.
“I will never let go,” said Edge to Faize. But then, Faize said that all that he wanted was to follow in Edge’s footsteps.
He let go and fell into the star ocean. Edge cried out Faize’s name, but it was too late.
The time had come. The symbol was cast.
Edge got sucked into a vortex.
One year later – SD 12…
Commander Kenny presented the Underdeveloped Planet Preservation Pact, and thanked the “nameless heroes” who sacrificed everything to save the universe. Reimi and Edge watched the whole thing.
The game returned to the Calnus after the destruction of Nox Obscurus. Edge was waiting for them the whole time. Reimi slapped him and cried.
Commander Kenny arrived with the Eldarian commander, Gahgan. Edge and Kenny shook hands.
Kenny explained that the Eldarians were willing to receive the earthlings’ support to relocate to Lemuris. Gahgan explained that Lemuris was a paradise in Eldarian legend, and they believe that the Eldarians are the ancestors of the Lemuisians.
Kenny asked for Edge and Reimi’s help in the relocation. Edge refused, fearing that “enlightening” young civilizations would cause unfortunate worship like that of the Cardiannon for the Grigori. There would not be any unnatural evolution. He also cited Faize’s fall from grace.
Gahgan announced that the Eldarians would refuse their technology upon returning to Lemuris so as to not cause any unnatural evolution.
Giotto also swore to keep En II hidden, and Kenny promised that Earth would not use the Eldarians or En II as crutches.
The friends separated.
Lymle returned to her friend on Lemuris.
Bacchus returned to his wife back home on En II. She handed him groceries.
Meracle tried to steal a fish from Eleyna back in Tatroi.
Sarah tried to take off from a hill, but she wound up jogging down it instead.
Myuria brought flowers to her husband’s grave.
En II was successfully hidden away.
Arumat took off from Lemuris as the other Eldarians began to farm.
Kenny appointed Edge and Reimi to the role of transportation officers. He introduced them to the man that designed their new ship. Edge thought that it was Klaus, but the green-haired, bespectacled man corrected him: he was Trillius Bachti.
He said that he would work hard despite the fact that Earth relied on Eldarian technology a little. After all, what scientist wanted a breakthrough handed to him on a plate?
Exactly what Klaus said on the alternate Earth. Edge was moved.
Some time later…
Lymle grew up a little. She taught younger kids how to draw symbols to create a field of flowers. She picked one up and smelled it.
I unlocked Lymle’s Ending.
Bacchus prepared to remove his enhancements.

I’m a little confused when it comes to things like this – transhuman characters replacing their body parts to become more human again. I find Raiden’s predicament in later Metal Gear games similarly befuddling. How many times can you replace your jaw, bro?

He swore to devote himself solely to his wife, Freesia.
“I’ll be able to feel your warmth again,” she told him.
I unlocked Bacchus’ Ending.
Sarah’s ending is funny. Hilariously hungry Fellpool chase her, calling out the parts that they want to eat. “Legs!” “Wings!”
They come across a river, and Sarah says, “Oh, my, danger is everywhere, isn’t it?”
She leaps off the edge, and the Fellpool plunge into the water.
Sarah takes flight. “Now I’ll be able to see my friends again!”
I unlocked Sarah’s Ending.
Myuria visited her husband’s grave again. She said that she could watch his last message to her without crying, and she thought that she could move on. She thanked Edge, Crowe, and the “other two” while looking at the sky.
I unlocked Myuria’s Ending.
In the bow of the Calnus, Edge and Reimi peered into the star ocean… and wondered if they would ever see their friends again.
“Of course we will,” said Edge. He said that the universe wasn’t that big.
They joined hands and swore to be on this mission… forever. Reimi implied that he couldn’t get rid of her if he tried.
“All right, Calnus,” commanded Edge. “Back to the star ocean!”

“A farewell is necessary before meeting again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.”
-Robert Bach

I love this quote so much, and felt that it was fitting for the game.