Halloween Special: Scary Moments in Alien Games!

This series is all about horror games or games with  horror themes that impressed me.

Let’s start with some Alien games. I’ve been a fan of the Alien movies ever since I was a kid (I know, I know…). However, the only Alien game that I grew up with was Alien Trilogy. This game’s name is somewhat misleading, because it does not follow the trilogy to a T. In this Doom clone, Ripley resembles her appearance in Alien 3, as she fights her way through many levels to kill three separate Queens over the course of the game.
This was one of the first PS1 games that I ever played, and I was floored by the creepiness and unpredictability of the game. You have a motion tracker a la Aliens, but its range isn’t very good. I still think that the game nailed the atmosphere.
One of the creepiest parts is encountering facehuggers. They slide over the screen, blocking most of it if they get close to you. However, you can’t get implanted with an alien embryo from this, unlike in the Alien Resurrection and Aliens: Infestation games. There is a specific game over that you can get if you get killed by a facehugger, though.
Finally, the game has a decent, atmospheric, and moody soundtrack. I highly suggest looking it up on YouTube.
The Alien 3 games for the NES, SEGA Genesis, and Super NES all contain several differences, such as the soundtrack and ending. The soundtracks are kind of interesting to look up.
What I find interesting about the ending is that, of all versions, the SNES one is the one that recreates the movie’s resoundingly depressing ending.
One Alien game that I find to be a complete oddity is Aliens: A Comic Book Adventure. This mid-’90s PC game was loosely inspired by one of the Alien comic books, Labyrinth. You can find a trailer for this game that doesn’t look too bad. However, most who have played it disagree. Most like Richard Cobbett, of the dearly departed PC Gamer column, Crapshoot. I highly recommend reading it.
http:// http://www.pcgamer.com/saturday-crapshoot-aliens-a-comic-book-adventure/
Finally, I do hope to get Alien: Isolation someday…