Star Ocean: The Last Hope – Easter Eggs, Hidden Endings, and Trivia

There are some hidden endings for certain characters. These are only triggered by some very specific Private Actions – a vexing habit throughout the series. This won’t be the last we hear of it.

1. Faize has a hidden ending, which is connected to Lymle’s extended ending. In this extra scene, Lymle visits her grandfather’s grave. She says that she isn’t lonely, but she begins to cry. Then, a figure that the Star Ocean wiki describes as one that greatly resembles Faize walks up to Lymle and puts a daisy in her hair. When she turns around to see him, she smiles.
I have mixed feelings about this. For comparison’s sake, the fate of a certain beloved character on a certain megahit TV show was recently left up in the air, to put it generously, but many fans disagree. Some of them cite the integrity of making the character’s deadly fate certain instead of “wussing out” and later showing that they are A-OK, and I kind of feel that way about Faize, but it is undeniably a happy ending for him and Lymle; a bit of redemption for him.
2. Quote the wiki, “Faize’s last name, Beleth, is the name of a fallen angel and one of the kings of Hell.” Nice foreshadowing. I had no idea until I read about it on the wiki. It also ties Faize in with the other bosses whose names invoked those of angels.
3. Arumat was often the only survivor of many battle squadrons. Also, his ship was numbered 04. In Japanese, the number four is an object of superstition because it sounds just like the word for death (“shi”). So basically, Arumat is the Star Ocean equivalent to Hunk from Resident Evil.
4. Serah is likely the aunt of Erys and Ioshua Jerand from the first Star Ocean game.
5. Stephen D. Kenny is an ancestor of Ronyx and his son, Claude C. Kenny. Stephen’s blonde hair seems to be a call forward to Claude’s.
6. Crowe has a secret ending where he winds up on Roak and Eleyna Farrence tells him that she predicted that he would marry her. It’s likely that they are the ancestors of Roddick Farrence from the first game.
7. The name of En II is implied to be code for Energy Nede II, implying a connection between the Morphus and the Nedians.