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Tomb Raider

Hey there, FemHype crew! Please excuse the interruption. We’ll be getting back to our regularly scheduled articles soon. ✌

As we rapidly approach our one-year anniversary on December 1st, I think it’s important to discuss with all of you what our plans for the future are and how they might come to fruition. Way back when, I created this space in the hope that it would act as a safe, inclusive environment for women and nonbinary folk to discuss video games with others who shared that vision. It has since grown exponentially—far beyond anything I initially conceived—and for that, I want to thank every single person to ever like, comment, or share an article. You’ve helped us reach so many wonderful people, and I’m truly grateful to be working with all of you.

That leads us to today. I’d like very much to continue maintaining this space for you and, quite honestly, to build…

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