Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days – September 9th, 2009: Introduction: Hello

Video Game Journal # 11 is Ninja Gaiden II, but I don’t care about that, so I’m just moving on to D2: DHD. Maybe someday if I can be bothered to wade through NGII’s BS.
System: Playstation Portable
Developer: Nippon Ichi Software
Released: September 8th, 2009
Publisher: NIS America

I preordered this game at Movie Gallery because I’ve wanted a Disgaea game ever since the first game came out. When I saw D2: DHD on their preorder list, I didn’t actually know what it was, so I’m extra glad that this game is an enhanced port of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories, originally released on the PS2 in 2006!
This journal brings VGJs full circle, because the first VGJ was for Soul Nomad and the World Eaters, NIS’ quirky 2007 tactical RPG. Also, this is the first VGJ for a PSP game, and the first for a Disgaea game.
I bought The World of Disgaea 2 art book long before I got this game, so I spoiled some of the plot twists for myself.
What To Expect: Crazy humor, characters, and gameplay. Also, pervy frogs and exploding penguins. Your move, Fire Emblem. 😛
September 9th, 2009: This game gave my PSP Version Update 5.55! The last game to give me a version update was DISSIDIA Final Fantasy!
The gorgeous intro is just like the PS2 version’s, which I saw on Cinematech: Nocturnal Emissions!

Yes, I used to watch it… and I still have some fond memories of it, but the main Cinematech show was better.

Adell is a freedom fighter in his hometown of Holt Village.

Adell, our hero and chief demon puncher

The demon overlord Zenon turned Adell’s family into demons, so his goal is to defeat Zenon and get his family back to normal.
His Mom, uh, sacrificed his siblings and Dad to summon Zenon.
Adell: “You call this good mothering…?”
Mom played a beautiful tune on her flute before she spoke the magic words to summon Zenon, but the ritual went awry. Dad and Adell’s little brother and sister went flying.
But then… a busty, beautiful blond woman in a black dress flew out of the sacrificial pot.
Mom: “It’s a… girl! Well, she sure is cute for an overlord!”
Adell: “…You’ve gotta be kidding! She’s Overlord Zenon!?”
Girl: “Overlord Zenon? Do you know my father?”
“Wait, you’re…”
“That I am! For I am Rozalin, the one and only daughter of Overlord Zenon!”

Rozalin, our female lead and sharpshooter

“Ah, you can’t be serious!”
Episode 1: The Overlord’s Daughter
Adell and his family called Rozalin’s origin into question. Rozalin claimed that an emblem of a four-leaf clover was proof of her position.
Mom was pleased. “…See, Adell? This is great! We can use her as a hostage! Oh, hohoho!”
“Are you nuts?!” asked Adell, and also yes. “This isn’t great at all!”

Oh, but it’s going to be. :3

“Until Adell meets Overlord Zenon, ‘your highness’ is bound by ritual to stay by Adell’s side,” stipulated Mom, as she bound them by ritual.
To leave Holt, Adell had to talk to the Dimension Guide.
Dad did us a great solid by hiring some fighters to go with us.
They’ve been trying to fight Zenon for 15 years.
Taro, Adell’s little brother, wondered why Adell was the only human left.
Taro: “Is it because he’s the main character?”

Sometimes, Disgaea characters know that they’re in a game in some good meta humor.

This game has some similarities to Soul Nomad. It uses the same font and windows.
I finished Soul Nomad, but never mastered it. The final levels weren’t as tough as the early ones.
These units and their animations are so cute! The save file icon is pretty.

Adell apologized for accidentally summoning Rozalin.

“To admit one’s own mistakes…” said Rozalin. “You are truly honest, especially for an enemy.”

“OK, look!” said Adell. “I will keep my promise. I will return you to your father. I pledge my honor on it.”

Rozalin promised to take Adell to Zenon’s mansion.

But we got ambushed by Prinnies, dood!

Prinnies are the mascots of the Disgaea series. They are sinful people reincarnated as penguins. In battle, they explode when thrown, but they don’t die off; they’re just knocked out. They also have the habit of saying “dood” a lot, dood.

Rozalin was dishonest and wanted to break her promise, leaving Adell to the Prinnies… until one of them threw a bomb at her. Like other spoiled people, Rozalin pulled the “do you know who I am” card and forgot about her subterfuge.
But the Prinnies were unintimidated! “Like we care, dood. Our boss is gonna take out Overlord Zenon, so eat prinny bombs, dood!”
Oh, we’ll show you some bombs!
Rozalin asked, “What happens now?”
“Obviously, we kick their asses!” declared Adell.
I love the Prinnies’ doodness, dood. I wonder how they spoke in the Japanese version.
I like throwing my allies… or enemies.
Zenon knew that his daughter was missing. And he wanted her found. And since no one could know that she was missing, he had the guards who saw her vanish from the mansion killed. His servants hesitated slightly.
I killed an entire group of Prinnies by throwing one near the rest of them!
Adell grew up watching his family turn into demons.
Rozalin wanted him to have a “better” reason for fighting, like being level one hundred million.
“What’s really important is to never give up,” declared Adell. “To have an indomitable will! Even if your legs are broken and your arms fall off, you have to fight to the end! That’s just my style!”
“A speech on willpower in this day and age?” asked Rozalin. “I did not know people still believed in such silly notions.
Perhaps it was your thick skull that prevented my father’s curse from affecting you. To be summoned by such an odd peasant… I must be cursed with the worst of luck.”
Secretly, she thought that she had to kill Adell to keep him from meeting Zenon.
In the Dead Tree Swamp, the… Traveling Channel was filming. Axel, the star of a show, was disappointing the Director by… spicing it up too much.


The Director said that no one expects anything from Axel anymore. “There was a time you were lighting up the stage as the Dark Hero, but that time is long gone!!”
When she and Adell arrived, she tried to pass Axel off as Zenon. And Adell totally fell for it.


Adell: “I won’t lose! I have to save my family!”


Rozalin thought that Adell would just be killed if he found and fought the real Lord Zenon. She thought that he should stop fighting for “lost causes” that would get him killed.
“Fighting is so sad…” she thought.
The Director dragged Axel’s unconscious body away to safety, and Rozalin recognized Adell’s strength.
“Hmhmhmhm… Killing him will be much more satisfying,” thought the Overlord’s daughter.
Adell thought that he defeated Zenon, but Rozalin feigned poor attentiveness on her part as an explanation for confusing Axel with the Overlord. Adell was disappointed that he didn’t really slay Overlord Zenon.
“Top Story – Former Dark Hero Assassinated!”
The six o’clock news with Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow – er, Usagi and Plenair – reported that Axel was assaulted while filming “his low-rated travel show, Tripping with Axel. Very little is known, and due to the hassle investigating poses, the Netherworld Police have simply ruled it a homicide. With no suspects, the case was deemed unsolvable.
Though he was a mega star at one point, no one cares enough to look for him. His funeral was attended by a very small group of relatives. No tears were shed at the service. And now, for a moment of silence.”
Then, they talked about the lower grades for the subjects of lying and torture in Veldime’s schools than is acceptable.

But they rank high in confidence! And isn’t that what’s -really- important?

When did Dick Cheney become the head of Veldime’s Board of Education?
Rozalin had a dream of a wrecked landscape. She saw her father standing  amongst the wreckage. The dream made her cry.
Why does Adell wear a tie?
The next morning, Adell’s mom told him, “You better go defeat Overlord Zenon today.”
“What kind of mom threatens her own son?” asked Adell.
“With this third eye, I can threaten anyone I want and not even care. If you don’t like it, change it back.”
Adell’s little sister, Hanako, told him to bring back souvenirs.
Adell said, “Ugh, these are the people I’m fighting for…?”
Chapter 2: Rozalin the Liar
My fav part, aside from throwin’ fools, is the variable Geo Panel system. I also love the cute and off-color characters. But I don’t know if it’s the best SRPG ever yet.
Long-range units have a great advantage.

Looking back, I now realize just how few fucks most of the Disgaea characters give.