Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days – September 10th, 2009: Dead Man Walking/Tink’s Awakening

The translation’s kind of flawed.

If you throw a unit into your Base Panel, it gets captured! As far as monsters go.
Rozalin brought us to “Zenon’s Palace”. There were monsters inside, as well as a red, floating, talking frog. He said that Overlord Zenon’s palace was destroyed.  “I was only able to survive by using my ‘Feign Death’ super move, but now Overlord Zenon is going to kill meeheee!”
The frog claimed to be… Tink, Rozalin’s childhood friend.

Tink, the one and only

Rozalin was unconvinced. “You can not fool me. Tink is not some dirty looking frog like you!”
“Ah, but zey have changed me,” claimed Tink. “Zey have sieged zis palace! It was so… ‘ow do you say… scary!”
Tink’s animations are hilarious.
Strangely, we had to fight Tink because he grew jealous of Adell’s informality towards Rozalin. The stage’s Geo Panels were crazy! It had a warping effect.
Rozalin was able to seal Tink’s bad personality. She said that “Though he may be quite bothersome, he is still my best friend!”
Rozalin forced Tink into our group.
“Bonjour. My name is Tink. It is a pleasure to meet you.”
Adell was displeased. “Great… Just what we needed, another freak.”
Rozalin, however… “Hmhmhmhm… Now it’s two against one. Your death is even closer now…”

It’s funny that she thinks that Tink would be a big help against a big, buff dude like Adell.

Tink’s class is… Dirty Frog. You won’t get that from Elder Scrolls.
Axel wandered around inside the palace! “This isn’t an ultra-classy, 5-star resort like I’m used to, but it sure beats sleeping outside again.
Heh, battling that wild tribesman… That tribesman just got lucky. If I wasn’t distracted by the crew, my Superfly Death Rush…”
Suddenly, the Director and camera monster appeared.
“Oh, oh, oh my God, Axel darling,” sputtered the Director. “I just heard a rumor that we were killed by mountain men. Everyone thinks we’re dead!”
It took a while to sink into Axel’s skull. “…Whaaaaaaaaaaaat!!?”
“What is wrong with everyone? I kept calling the network, but they kept saying, ‘You’re dead!’ and yelling ‘Ghost!’ I think the network execs are trying to get rid of us…”
“No! No way! I’m the Dark Hero! I’m crazy famous!”
“Axel, darling, listen to me. You’ve living in the past!”
“The Dark Hero will live forever! When everyone hears that I’m still alive, I’ll make my triumphant return!”
The Director hung his head in despair.
Meanwhile, Adell played catch-up with Tink, who commended the bravery of his mission, but secretly doubted his intelligence. Then, some enemies showed up.
Stealing an enemy’s “Sorrow” reduces their Intelligence stat.
I’m slowly getting some excellent PSP games.
We finally found the Tripping with Axel crew in the Sealed Room. Adell did not understand why Axel called him “Tribesman”.
“Oh, I get it,” said Adell. “You’re just a stupid celebrity.”
“If you want to throw down with me, prepare for the consequences,” exclaimed Axel. “You’ll have screaming teenage girls calling you all day long!”
“Oh, hell no!”
Rozalin laughed. “You stupid B-Movie celebrity. You desecrate my father’s palace with your insolent behavior.”
Axel said that he did not know that the mansion was Zenon’s palace. He exploded with excitement at the possibility of spinning the meeting into a rescue hoax. “This kind of story has to make the Universal News! And then everyone will know that I’m still alive!”
“I just hope my family doesn’t turn into real monsters while I’m stuck fighting jerktowns like this guy,” said Adell.
Axel was kind of tough, but we still beat him. He asked the Director if he got any good shots.
“Yes, they’re absolutely wonderful ♡” gushed the Director.
“Oh, that’s great,” said Axel.
The Director dragged Axel away.
“Hmph, that is what you get for vandalizing my father’s palace,” sniffed Rozalin.
Adell reminded her of their reason for going to there in the first place.
“Don’t ‘Oh’ me,” said Adell.
Tink revealed that the “Demon Lord” opposes Zenon. Specifically, the Demon Lord Etna.
Tink is the funniest heavily-accented character since Roman from Grand Theft Auto IV.
The six o’clock news probed Overlord Zenon’s existence. He does not like that. He stayed hidden for years, despite a fearsome reputation as an Overlord slayer.
“There is not a moment to lose,” said Zenon. “I must get this under control quickly…”
Hanako is very mischievous.
Mom and Dad are glad that Adell made friends.
“No matter how strong he gets, he shouldn’t fight alone,” said Dad. “The battlefield is no place to be lonely.”
Episode 3: Rise of the Beauty Queen
There isn’t much of a difference between Red Tink and Roman, actually.

That is a bit of an exaggeration.
Tink wound up becoming one of my best party members. Why? Because of his high mobility. High mobility + high level = death to almost everything else on the battlefield.