Protect Them! Characters From Games That We’re Thankful For


Final Fantasy XIII

To all of our FemHype crew members who happen to be celebrating right now, we wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving! In the spirit of good turkey and giving thanks (not colonization), we asked our writing team what characters they were most thankful for. There’s a difference—a pretty big difference, as it turns out—between a beloved favorite character and a character who, upon meeting them, makes you pause. We’re deeply interested in exploring that very tangible moment, the one that leaves an impression days and even months after playing a game. It’s an experience defined by one character, and we’re so thankful that they exist.

As always, our super incredible staff were more than up to the task. We received a wide range of answers from seasoned fighters to young adolescents to omniscient narrators, and every interpretation featured here offers something new and exciting. If you love playing and watching games be played as much as…

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