Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days – September 11th – 12th, 2009: The Sneaky Heart

SEPTEMBER 11TH, 2009: Leaving the mixed monster mansion behind, we visited the Poisonous Swamp. Then, we got attacked by zombies.
After the battle, Tink explained his plan to kill Adell to Rozalin. The frog hedged his bets on a level 100 monster eating Adell.
“I see… you are evil,” praised Rozalin.
“Au contraire,” countered Tink. “I am not as evil as you… Oh ho ho ho ho ho!”
“All who oppose my father must die…” Rozalin thought to herself. “He desires a fight, so his fate is already sealed. But if that happens, how will Taro and Hanako feel…”

September 12th, 2009: Adell asked Rozalin why Zenon was not looking for her.
“Why isn’t this all over the news?” asked the freedom fighter. “We should have bounty hunters chasing us with shootouts and everything!”
Rozalin flipped out because she thought that Adell implied that she was not Zenon’s daughter. “A beautiful mansion built just for me! All those furnitures just for me! Servants who work just for me! And he sends me flowers and gifts every day! All for me, and only for me! Who else would Overlord Zenon do such things for? Who? Answer me!” Call off your dogs, woman!
“What are you getting so angry about? No one said anything about you not being his daughter. I just wanted shoot-outs…”
“…Hmph. That’s what you get for asking rude questions.”
The newest character I’ve created for my party is… Farta, a Prinny!
What are Prinnies? Prinnies are penguins with demon wings that speak doodspeak, dood. But beyond that, they are actually sinful souls that are connected to the “Red Moon”. This Moon somehow helps them reincarnate and return to the mortal cycle. In battle, they explode when thrown. BOOM, dood!
Rozalin said that there were “none more respectable” than Zenon, but Tink said that “he is not someone you want to upset, eh.” The frog also said that he had never actually met the Overlord…
“Anyone who defies him,” began Rozalin, “or fails to follow an order is killed immediately. His cruelty… Mm, he is an Overlord.”
“…I guess even the feared God of All Overlords can be sweet to his own daughter,” supposed Adell. “Heh… I guess Zenon does have one soft spot…”
Rozalin accused Adell of ridiculing Zenon.
“I’m just surprised that even a demon like Zenon can show parental love,” clarified Adell. “I guess demons have families too…” Just ask Dante!
“Do you really believe that?” asked Rozalin.
“H-hey! Don’t stand so close to me.”
“It is exactly as you said. My father does love me. That special bond between my father and I, it is the true love between father and daughter.”
“Well, it’s good to know that even demons can feel affection… I guess.”
“Dammit…” complained Adell in his head. “I shouldn’t have asked her about him. It just makes it harder to defeat him…”
Perhaps my fav part of the game is the combo system, which helps provide you with post-battle bonuses. You have to attack the same enemy with as many allies as possible at once.
“Eh, zis is strange,” said Tink. “Ze monster we are waiting for should have found us by now.”
Rozalin shushed him. “He must not hear us. …What sort of monster are we searching for? You said it was unique to this swamp.”
“‘Ave some patience, my dear princess. Do not worry. Ze monster will find us soon.”
A giant swamp monster emerged!
“Aha, look over zere. Zat is what we are looking for. Or, some zat looks like zat.”
Suddenly, Tink turned red and panicked. “Ahhh! Zere it is!”
“A new monster?!” asked Adell.
“Princess! We must run! Don’t look back! Leave only your memories behind!”
If father… if Overlord Zenon is the one who kills him,” said Rozalin, “then his death will have had meaning. But to be killed by a nameless monster in the pursuit of his life’s goal would mean he died in vain. And if he dies, Taro and Hanako will be really sad…”
“Princess! Are you getting soft? Ze weak will perish! Zat is ze way of ze world! Princess, do you count how many eggs were cracked to make your omelets?”
As Rozalin and Tink argued, Adell began to smack the monster around.
“O… omelets?” repeated Rozalin. “I prefer veal and truffles for breakfast…”
“What you eat for breakfast is beside the point, eh,” said Tink. “Ze point I tried to make is zat you must make sacrifices to survive.”
“I wish to discover what his true intentions are.”
“Princess!! What you speak of…!!”
Suddenly, Tink got zapped by the monster’s attack, which Adell avoided.
“Zat was uncalled for! Who is responsible? Who wishes to receive ze trashing of their life?! You! Stay right zere! It is 2000 spankings for you!
Princess, ze buffoon was lucky zis time, but he will not survive ze next time, eh. Oh ho ho ho! You do not look very happy. Did you not plan to kill him from ze start?”
“…I suppose. But he trusts me and he is trying to keep his promise to me, his enemy. I may be acting irrationally at the moment. Please forgive me, Tink. But, you will have to put up with my madness a little while longer.”
Zenon’s masked servants told him about his destroyed palace.
“Could this be the doing of that Demon Lord who is rumored to be out there…?” wondered Zenon. “Lure the Demon Lord out into the open…”
Apparently, one of us must become a convict to enter Tragedyland, the most tragic of all the lands. Throw another wrench into the barbie…
Luckily, Tink received a subpoena for his existence! “I’m sorry I was born! But, what ze hell is that?!”
Now, we must get a felony by entering the Item World of the subpoena and getting a felony from the Dark Court, which is managed by… Prinnies!

The Item World: Every item in the game has its own world, a randomly generated dungeon. The more floors you clear, the stronger the item gets… but the stronger the item is, the harder its Item World will be.
Item Worlds are basically the best way to grind in this game. You can also sometimes find some hidden encounters with wandering pirates…

Whoever played the Prinny judge did a hilarious job. He noticed that it was not Tink that wound up before the Court. His response? “Oh, well, no skin off my beak, dood. We, the Dark Court, give… whoever you are… our highest praise… dood… and grant the defendant, a glorious felony on your criminal record!”
“Felonies are a demon’s war medals. Be one of the few! The proud! The ultimate sinners! Good luck! Case closed! Court adjourned… dood!”
Then, we got a Dark Rosary. Upon returning to the regular Item World, I used Mr. Gency Exit to get the hell outta there. Next stop: Tragedyland! No relation to Weinerland. Or Chowderland.
Apparently, the whole felony requirement thing was a “trick”. Like one that a Demon Lord would use. Tink wondered if it was the Demon Lord Etna.
She was in the swamp, surrounded by Prinny servants and fallen monsters.
She was looking for Zenon and Rozalin. One of her servants claimed that they could use “provacative photos” of Rozalin to try and see if anyone recognized her. The servant claimed that he bought them off of “a talking frog”.

Selling provacative photos of your friend and confidant? Ew! What a gross violation of privacy.

Rozalin didn’t kill Tink over that, so they must be good friends.
One of the Prinnies recognized Rozalin . Etna wondered, “Isn’t it a little convenient that she’s with the first group of people to pass us by?” Yes!
“It’s great,” squealed a Prinny. “We found her, and we get to keep all of the photos!”
“I am Demon Lord Etna. But you can call me Beauty Queen Etna.”
“Sacre bleu! Lies! You do not look anything like ze one who turned me into a hideous frog!”
Turned out that Tink assumed that Etna was the one who assaulted the palace. Oops.
Rozalin crossed a line. “It is difficult to imagine that a Demon Lord would have such a flat chest…”
Etna blew one of the Prinnies away. “…Flat chest, huh?”
That was enough to make Tink freak out. “AAH! You are a Demon Lord! I am your loyal servant, master! Please, I am yours to command!”
She doesn’t seem your type, Tink, what with her having an A-cup and all…
“Damn, that was a quick surrender!” noted Adell. “Don’t you have any pride?”
Etna wanted Rozalin to take her to Zenon, but she couldn’t very well do that.
“…I could amuse myself by killing you all,” threatened Etna, “one at a time.”
“Whaaaaaaat!?” bellowed Tink. “Who ze hell brought us out here!? Oh damn it! It was me!”
Shouldn’t that be “moi”?
Rozalin’s retort to Etna is awesome: “I won’t be bullied by a flat-chested fornicatress like you!”
Etna threw a huge fireball at Rozalin, but Adell protected her.
“You’re very determined,” observed Adell. “I don’t really like demons or girls, but I respect that you’re risking your life to protect your family.”
“Agh, what’s your problem?!” asked Etna. “Why’d you get in the way?!”
“Because I promised her that I would return her to her father! So, I can’t let you kill her! I must protect her!”
“What is this nonsense!?” asked Rozalin. “She was attacking me! Why didn’t you run?!”
“I made you a promise! I’m going to keep that promise, even if it kills me!”
“You… you are that devoted to your ideals? You were actually going to keep your promise to me, Overlord Zenon’s daughter…? I don’t understand…! Everything you do and say is contradictory!”
“You don’t need to understand it. All you gotta know is this is just my style!”
ETNA’S LEVEL IS 1000?! How is this supposed to be even vaguely possible?
This stage has a really cool theme song.
Turns out it’s only possible if you have already put a billion hours into leveling up. If you can beat Etna, it unlocks a special event…
I’ve always hated situations in RPGs that force you to lose. Bleh!
No matter how much Etna threatened us, Rozalin would not tell her where Zenon was. And not because of obvious reasons.
“I… I don’t know where my father is! I have never even met him before!”
Where’s Maury when you need him?
“It’s six o’clock and time for the news. Since the confirmation of Overlord Zenon’s whereabouts, the backwater world of Veldime is the latest travel hotspot! We’re keeping a close eye on Veldime as this story develops! Will Zenon finally be revealed after a million years? Will someone finally bring Zenon’s reign of terror to an end?”
Demons and Overlords around the universe are seeking the answer.
Suddenly, Axel turned his TV off.
“I sacrificed my own health to give them that information and they didn’t even mention my name!”
“The network execs conned us out of everything…” lamented the Director. “They don’t even have our money. I called them but they all act as if they don’t know anything about us.”
“No… Have they abandoned me on this hellhole? Axel, the Dark Hero..? …No, the gig’s not over yet! I’m Axel, the Dark Hero! There’s no situation I can’t rock out of! I’ve got a reason to go back! And a home to go back to!”
Back in Adell’s home, he lamented his defeat at the hands of Etna. Taro pointed out that it had been a really long time since he’d lost to anyone.
“I know you’re mad because you lost,” said Mom. “I also know that you’re fighting so hard for us, your family. But for us, what matters most is that you come home alive. That is what we hope for the most. Please make me a promise that no matter what, you will come home alive.”
“…OK, I promise,” said Adell. “I will come home alive.”
Taro was amazed at how Rozalin healed faster than anyone else, but she was too disturbed to be flattered.
Episode 4: Axel’s Scheme
Rozalin had a nightmare of her father surrounded by corpses.
She woke up before Zenon turned around to show his face…
Another day, another duel. But where do we go from here? We have absolutely no leads…
I like the music in this game.
Long-range units have more fun.