Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days – September 13th, 2009: Axel Blows

September 13th, 2009: Even the Veldemites think that Earth is Hell compared to their homeworld.
Rozalin said, “Even though I have not yet met him, my father cares an awful lot about me!”
“…I still believe that you’re Zenon’s daughter,” replied Adell.
She told him not to “lie”.
“I’m not lying,” said Adell. “The fact is, I don’t know my parents either.”
“I don’t pity you. But, I do know how you feel.”
“…You don’t know your parents? You’re lying! You have a family…”
Suddenly, Dad came along and said that Taro and Hanako were kidnapped! Rozalin couldn’t believe it. “What?! Taro and Hanako?!”
“Some stupid-looking boy in a white cape took Taro and Hanako,” explained Mom. Axel!
“…It’s gotta be him,” deduced Adell. “No one else is that stupid.”
Axel waited at the Dallos River. Waited to get his ass beat and his cape dirty!
Adell didn’t want Rozalin and Tink to come, and was kind of mean about it. “If you don’t know where to find Zenon, I don’t need you…”
But Rozalin reminded him that he summoned her, and that he promised to take her back to her father…
“Looks like ze circumstances ‘ave flipped, Monsieur Adell,” noted Tink. “Ze summon ‘as backfired.”
“Can anything get worse?” complained Adell. “You’re giving me a headache…”
“What are you waiting for?” asked Rozalin. “Taro and Hanako are waiting to be rescued.”
Suddenly, there was a strange chirping noise. The sound of Alarune monsters approaching us!
Alarunes make annoying “boing” noises when they attack. They have springs under their… flowers. Weird, dood.
A lot of the sounds that characters make when they attack are funny.
Adell said that it didn’t matter that he wasn’t directly related to his family because he was bound to their hearts.

That was so sweet, I almost got diabetus.

“And to zink, I ‘ave uncles who haven’t even talked to each other for zirty years,” said Tink. “You are interesting indeed. Right, Princess? Eh? Princess?”
“Being bound by the heart is what matters…” said Rozalin. “Indeed, you are right! Well said! I commend your insight!”
“Thanks… I guess,” replied Adell.
“My bond with my father comes from our heart, not our blood. And that is what makes us a true family as well. Excellent. Now, let us fund Taro and Hanako. After all, family is an irreplaceable treasure.”
In this game… there are counterattacks. And counter-counterattacks!
If you choose to Defend, you won’t take as much damage, but you won’t be able to counterattack.
Team attacks can make even the saddest lv one loser feel like a lv 1,000 winner. They trigger depending on whether or not the characters are close to each other and whether or not nearby units were created by the main attacking unit. And guess what? The units who tag along for the attack don’t lose their turns.
Taro and Hanako could probably beat up Axel and escape anyway.