Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days – September 14th, 2009: Promise

September 14th, 2009: Rozalin ordered Tink to ask Adell about his birth parents. The frog could have worded it better.
“Monsieur Adell♡ Can you tell me anyzing more about your heartless parents who abandoned you?”

“What!?” said Adell. “That was sudden! Well, I don’t really know much myself. I was too young to remember them. All I know is, they were close friends with Mom and Dad and they left me with them when I was two years old. All they left me was a letter that said, ‘We will return as soon as we have fulfilled our duty.’
I believed that letter when I was a kid. I hoped for the day that they would return. But, they never kept their promise. My parents were cowardly liars. When I realized that, I decided to always keep my promises and to never lie!”
Parents who abandon their children… I wonder if they intended to abandon him.
Suddenly, a group of Cockatrices, Beast Tamers, and Orca showed up to fight us, so we beat them.
Rozalin theorized that Zenon’s curse stole the memories of Adell’s parents, but they abandoned him before the curse struck. Rozalin wondered what kind of parents have a duty greater than raising their child. Adell insisted they move on in their rescue mission.
I love Tink! He is the epitome of humorous sidekicks.
In battle, he’s very mobile. Equipping him with shoes as an accessory increases the effect. He’s your go-to frog for opening chests and neutralizing geo crystals.
One of the early maps, Psycho’s Hideout, is ideal for leveling up new units. I don’t recall any particular psycho on that map, though…
I love many of my units’ names: Roma, Clort, Bloodpool, Scion, Olivia, Naples, Sabre, Amadocious… All but Olivia were names I chose from the game’s randomizer.

Rock me rock me Amadocious! 😛

Dallos River – Red Waterfall
“Hey, Mr. Stupidhead!” yelled Hanako. “Where’s our candy?”
Luring kids with candy, Axel? Where’s Chris Hanson?
“Yeah!” added Taro. “As children of this day and age, you should be happy that we let you kidnap us for candy. So make with the goods!”
“Noisy brats!” complained Axel. “Shut up before I really give you something to cry about! You should be thrilled. I’m letting you share the stage with me, Axel the Dark Hero.”
“Why should we care about some has-been?” asked Hanako. “You kidnapped us to trap Adell!”
Axel threatened them with ding-dong-ditch and prank phone calls. The horror!
Hanako remained unintimidated and unimpressed. “Ha! You don’t scare me! My big brother is really strong. And you’ll be really sorry when he gets here! My big brother is going to defeat Overlord Zenon.”
Axel couldn’t believe it. “Huh? He’s gonna try to beat Overlord Zenon? Isn’t that… kinda delusional?”
“I know what I’m gonna do, too,” declared Taro. “Overlord Zenon’s daughter is gonna make me her servant.”
“Tardo!” said Hanako. “You really wanna be Rozy’s servant? That’s stupid.”

I don’t agree with how she said it, but I agree with the sentiment.

…And so does Frederick from Fire Emblem: Awakening, come to think of it, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. :3

“Why is that stupid? Princess is amazing. And sweet. And, pretty. And, wow.”
“STOP!” screamed Axel. “If you have to fight, I’ll referee.”

“Children fighting! I can sell this.” -Grunkle Stan, Gravity Falls Episode 24: “Sock Opera”

“But once you’re done, you both better shut up! OK?”
The Director came around bearing snacks for everyone.

What is this, the nicest kidnapping ever? Though Axel didn’t do so with the intention of hurting the kids…

Hanako screamed. “Tardo, I call the Meatopia chocolate bar! It’s my favorite! Gimme! Gimme!”
“That’s not fair!” protested Taro. “That’s my favorite, too!” Yeah, share!
“SHUT UPPP!” complained Axel again. “If you both want it, physical violence is the only way to solve this!”
Axel, you’re a terrible babysitter!
Hanako taunted Taro. “Didya hear that, Tardo? You wanna fight me?”
“NO way,” answered Taro. “I can’t beat you. You’re too mean. Take the Meatopia chocolate bar. Living with demons is tough.”