Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days – September 15th, 2009: Chocolate with Nuts

September 15th, 2009: Taro told Hanako to take the chocolate bar, and she thanked him.

Meanwhile, Rozalin criticized Axel. “That Axel is a cur. When I find him, I will make him suffer. Kidnapping young children is outrageous.”
“Why are you so angry?” asked the Dark Hero. “Isn’t kidnapping kids as common a chore for demons as doing laundry?”
Tink said that Rozalin lived a very sheltered life. “Besides, she ‘as never done laundry eizer.”
“Taro and Hanako are my servants,” declared Rozalin. “I can not abide someone stealing them.”
Our little soiree was suddenly interrupted by nekomata! They make the cutest noises as they wreck you.
Axel made a call to home and asked if everyone was ok. He said that he could not really send them money exactly when he said he would. For some reason, his mother did not recognize his voice.
He dispelled the myth that he was dead. “…Fine. I’ll be back on TV soon! Then you’ll see that I’m still alive. So, just keep watching TV, OK? Just wait and see, Ma! I’ll be even more famous when I return!”
Axel was over 2000 years old.
Dallos River – Dragon’s Mouth
Adell finally arrived to save his siblings. Axel taunted Adell and Rozalin. “Hahaha! I admire your courage for coming here, Suckers. You had to know this was a trap. So, if you want the brats unharmed, just hand the princess over to me! Oh, and then you have to let me beat you up! Hahaha!”
“Ha, what’s your scheme?” asked Adell.
“You’re the one with the scheme! I see how you’re plotting to use the princess as a hostage so you can defeat Overlord Zenon!”
You fool! Adell needs no scheme to defeat Zenon the Overlord!
“But, I will put an end to your plans!” continued Axel. “Once I’ve rescued the Overlord’s daughter, I’ll be back in the spotlight! It’ll spark my glorious comeback! Ready to fight fair? But remember, I won’t be responsible for what happens to those brats if you don’t let me beat you up!”
“What if we refuse, huh?” piped up Tink. “What if we zrow you out like garbage in front of ze entire universe? How will you come back from zat?”
Axel laughed. “That’s what my secret plan is for! Even if I lose, I can use the latest special effects technology to alter the footage! I’ll have the greatest victory scene ever!! Whataya know? My cunning plan had such a great twist that you’re all lost for words!”
“…No, we just don’t want to waste our words,” said Adell.
“I shall grant you no mercy!” declared Rozalin. “Kidnapping innocent children just to get attention is unforgivable!”

People do much worse for attention, believe me.

“Why are you so angry?” asked Axel. “I’m trying to rescue you, ya know?”
“FOOL! I am no one’s hostage!”
“What the hell!? Aren’t princesses supposed to wait for their knight in shining armor to rescue them whenever they get captured?”
“That only happens in your feeble imagination!”

OHHH *airhorns*

“Then, what are we gonna do for my show!?”

Correction: What are YOU gonna do for YOUR show?

“Zere ‘as been a change of plans. How does ‘Series Finale: Axel Dies Writhing in Pain’ sound to you?”
“Can’t I at least have a happy ending!?”
“Sorry, we’re all outta happy endings today!” said Adell. “We only have ones that end with horrible beatings! Just remember, every punch is for Taro and Hanako!”
Once Rozalin entered the conversation, a really cool instrumental version of “Sinful Rose”, the intro theme, played.
This fight is exhausting because the map is huge, the enemies are spread out, and there are hard-to-reach  geo crystals that give the enemies some advantages.
Axel accused Adell of brainwashing Rozalin. Then, Hanako kicked Axel in the butt. Taro told Hanako to be careful to not fall in the river, only to fall in himself. Oops.
Axel freaked out. “What have I done…?”
Suddenly, Sammy the shark stormed the scene for the six o’clock news. “From my location, the river flows into the ‘Cavern of Evil’, a dangerous cave from which no one has ever returned alive. Watching people drown in the river is the most fun you can find for free in Veldime.”
You cad! This is clearly discrimination against land animals.
Back in the newsroom, Usagi the evil stuffed bunny thanked Sammy for his report. “For a second there, I thought I saw Axel in the background. But he was savagely murdered by tribesman… It must have been an impersonator.”
He then said that Axel impersonators were proof that the universe was going to hell and laughed.
Usagi’s ever-adorable co-anchor, Plenair, said nothing as always.
Right! Now it’s Operation: Rescue Taro!
Meanwhile, Axel’s family watched TV. His mother believed that he was dead! One of Axel’s brothers was unconvinced.
Taro tried his hardest to swim against the river’s flow, but his efforts were in vain.
“NO!” yelled Adell.
“What have I done…?” asked Axel.
“That’s too bad,” said Hanako. “The river flows right into the Cavern of Evil. If he falls in there, we’ll never see Taro again. Someone do something!”
“Come to zink of it, he was a nice kid,” remembered Tink. “May his soul rest in peace…”
“Idiot!” criticized Rozalin. “Taro is my servant. I won’t lose a servant to this stupid river!”
“Fine, pretend he’s your servant if it helps, but we have to save him now!” declared Adell.
“Adell, wait!’ said Hanako. “I’m going with you.”
“No! Wait right here! We might have to go into the cavern to save him.
“Then you’ll need me even more! I’ll show you how useful I am!”
“…O, OK. Fine! But, you better listen to me! OK, Hanako?”
Hanako has forced her way into the group!
“Thanks to Taro’s clumsiness, I got to join Adell’s group! Now I’ll always be at Adell’s side ♡ Thank you, Taro. I owe you big!”
Everyone left Axel behind.
Episode 5: The Promise
Back home, Dad prayed for his kids’ protection. Mom mocked him for being a demon that prayed to God.
She asked Dad about Adell’s biological parents. Neither Mom nor Dad remember much about them, but Mom vaguely recalled their faces…
Cavern of Evil – Glutton’s Hideout
Instead of opening with our… heroes, it showed Zenon’s scheme underway. One of his masked servants said that the preparations for the “Demon Lord” were nearly complete.
Zenon asked about Rozalin.
“…Well, sir… We are about to conduct the ‘Ritual of Foresight’,” replied the emotionless Masked Man.
“This is the Cavern of Evil?” asked Rozalin. “I heard the rumors, but this place is beautiful.”
Suddenly, Tink started whining. “Oolala! My tummy aches. Can I go home now? I have to use ze restroom, as well. ‘Ave you seen ze little froggie’s room?”
“C’mon, let’s go already!” demanded Hanako. “Even if Tardo didn’t drown, we’ll have to save him before a monster eats him.”
Adell’s family is funny. Rozalin, however, is less sure of hers:
“I wonder if Father thinks of me as family… How can I think of such blasphemy? After all, it was Father who gave me such a lavish and tender life until now! To doubt such a thing…! Oh, Father… please forgive me…”