Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days – September 21st, 2009

September 21st, 2009: Director urged Axel to leave.
“But, I never meant to hurt those kids…!” pleaded Axel.
“Ehh, that’s the risk you take when you take people hostage,” stated the Director plainly.
Suddenly, Axel said he had to “find himself”. Then, he called a taxi, and it picked him up.
“I just had a weird chill run down my spine,” said Adell. “I’ve got a bad feeling…”

That feeling was justified when Petite Orcs and Orc Captains closed in on us.
How come the range of the Healers’ spells sucks so bad? At least the range and proficiency of skills improves with use.
After the Orcs, the masked female servant of Zenon appeared! “…Princess. I have come for you…”
Rozalin said that she wanted to be returned to Zenon, not Zenon’s mansion. But Zenon’s servant resisted, and Rozalin got angry. “My father doesn’t want to meet me!? This can not be true!! My father loves me! You are lying…!!
My father… my father does not wish to see me?”
“…If he desired to see you, he would have come to visit you before…” said the female servant.
“But why…?”
“Hmph, we don’t need her help,” scoffed Adell. “If he doesn’t want to come to you, we’ll just have to go to him.”
“Adell…” said Rozalin.
“Look, I promised to take you back to your father, didn’t I?”
“Don’t act like everything is fine! This is all your fault for not taking me back sooner!”
“How did this all become my fault?”
“…Are you the human who summoned the princess?” asked the female servant. “If you interfere, you will be harmed.”
Same to you, if you keep interrupting our conversations.
“Until my brother’s safe, I won’t let anything stand in my way,” declared Adell.
“…Even if it costs you your life?”
“Yeah! Even if it costs me my life!”

Oh, Adell…

“…You are a reckless young man… It has been a while since I have felt such strong human emotions… Very well. Your combined determination has swayed my judgment. I shall let you go…”
The calm-voiced servant gave us… a flute. It can control monsters with low intelligence. Look out, Tink! šŸ˜›
When asked why she helped us, the servant said, “…I do not know. I am compelled to do so…” Then, she vanished.
“My father is searching for me…” said Rozalin.  “But, he will not see me himself. Why is that…?”
“You stayed to help Taro…” said Adell.
“Are you surprised!? Taro’s life is in danger now! Of course he takes priority! You must survive, Taro!”
Rozalin then went deeper into the cavern.
“Oh ho,” chuckled Tink. “She is trying very ‘ard. But, I know she ‘as suffered a great shock.”
“Rozy is stubborn when she wants to be,” observed Hanako. “It’s so cuteā™””
“She…” started Adell, without finishing his sentence.