Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days – September 22nd, 2009: Wolves Not Far

September 22nd, 2009: Cavern of Evil – Shriek of Death
Axel, of all people, found Taro. The Dark Hero told the boy, “If I didn’t take the taxi, you’da drowned for sure. I’m sorry, kid. I’m sorry you got hurt like this.
Here’s the bill for the taxi, kid. When you get home, tell your parents I said, ‘Thanks’.”

Suddenly, there was a growling noise…
“What was that sound…?” asked Axel. “It wasn’t your stomach growling, was it? Is it my turn to be scared? Heh heh, no way… YAAAAH! Oh, I’m in deep, deeeeeeep trouble!!”
When Adell’s party reached the Shriek of Death, they found Axel standing on a pillar surrounded by wolves!
Tink immediately turned red! “Oh ho ho! Zat is a lot of monsters!”
Axel tried to pass off the monsters as superfans who “NEED my autograph!”
Hanako asked about Taro. Axel said that he ran deeper into the cave.
Tink begged Adell to use the flute on the wolves, but Adell did not know how.
“Sacre bleu! Give it to me! Here, Princess!!” Tink handed the flute to Rozalin.
“Huh? I have never played a flute before either. But, being a true lady, I have read all about it. Leave this to me.”
She put the flute to her lips, and… did nothing.
“W, what’s wrong, Rozy?” asked Hanako.
“Now that I think about it, didn’t Adell put the flute to his mouth?” questioned Rozalin.
“You’re right. It’ll count as an indirect kiss!”
Rozalin threw the flute to the ground. “I, I can not play this dirty flute!”

Dang, that’s cold. But at least she is thinking about Adell’s lips. 😉
And Hanako is shipping them, which is smart, because Adell marrying into a rich family will move them up in the world! I’d expect nothing less of Hanako. :3

Thanks to Rozalin throwing in the towel, we had to fight with Axel caught in the middle. There were only four Cu Sith, so it was pretty easy, despite their Invincibility panels, which they leave once you destroy their No Energy Geo Symbol.
“Did you see how gracefully I fought!?” asked Axel. “Too bad there wasn’t a camera around…” Axel, dude, you didn’t throw half a punch.
“…I don’t think these were the monsters that masked lady was talking about,” said Adell. “These guys were too easy.”
Rozalin reiterated the importance of finding Taro.
“Are you sure you’re acting of your own free will?” questioned Axel.
Rozalin said that she was not taken hostage, nor was she brainwashed.
Axel jumped the gun and presumed that she was leading a rebellion! “When the viewers get wind of this, it’ll cause a huge uproar!! With this kind of news, they’ll have to put me on the air to report it! Lucky lucky me”
“Rebel against my father…?” repeated Rozalin. “NO! You are wrong!!”
“Aha. But Princess… When uhzer people see ze situation, it does look like you are.”
“Tink…? Were you aware of this from the very beginning?”
“It is quite an obvious assumption, eh?”
Rozalin shot Tink a few times because he did not point this out to her earlier.
“Aren’t you forgetting about Taro?” reminded Hanako. “He could’ve been eaten by monsters already.”
“You’re right,” agreed Adell. “Let’s go!”
The others pressed on while Axel hesitated and talked to himself. “Axel the Dark Hero wants to join the fight, but Survival Axel wants to get the news out right away! Nnnnn…! Tell me, Dark Sun! What should I doooooo?!”

The Black Hole Sun was in the last game’s journal, sorry. 😉

Cu Sith are “the reincarnation of a hurricane.” Oh, so if they blow, that’s why.
Famous Japanese voice actor Hikaru Midorikawa voices Adell in the Japanese version of the game. He’s famous for playing characters like Heero Yuy in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and Marth in Super Smash Bros.