Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days – October 1st, 2009

October 1st, 2009: Episode Five, Chapter Four: Dark Ruins
We found Taro surrounded by ravenous Cu Sith! But then, a demon with a laser cannon for an arm swept the battlefield and wiped out the creatures!

Tink turned red in horror. “Yaaaahahahah! I SURRENDER!”
“That big guy must be the monster that masked lady was telling us about,” deduced Adell.
“It is not just anuhzer cute little monster! It is like a Demon Lord itself! Play ze flute! PLAY ZE FLUTE! Since Adell and ze princess won’t play it, Hanako, can you play ze flute?!”
“I dunno how to play it,” replied Hanako innocently. “What about you?”
“Ze only flute I’ve played was ze one I stole from ze girl I liked in school!”
I think that this is one of the points in the game where you can decide what Adell says in response to another character. If you choose “…You’re horrible”…
“SHUT UP!” yelled Tink. “Until a girl puts her lips on zis, zis stupid flute is useless!”
Tink threw the flute, and the cannon monster got closer to the group.
“I wasn’t planning to use that flute anyway,” declared Adell boldly. “Even if it is as strong as a Demon Lord, I’m still gonna take it down, fair and square.”
But then, someone suddenly started playing the flute.
“Axel!” said Adell.
The cannon monster left the battlefield.
“Gotta run, my fans are waiting,” said Axel. “Just pay me back 100 fold later.”
Axel then took his leave… and the flute.
“Um, did you forget about me?” asked Taro. “Heh, I wanna be rescued now…”
“Sorry, Taro!” said Adell. “Forgot you were there.”
This battle has tons of monsters. Be careful of bunching your units up, because the No Entry panels make maneuvering awkward.
Those dumb Cu Sith will attack their own units just to get to you! Snicker.
Be sure to defeat the Alarunes before they can heal their allies with Flower Dance.
After Adell and co. defeat the monsters, Taro complains that it took forever, but he still thanked Adell.
it really did take forever. >.>
“I’m just glad you’re safe,” said Adell. “Sorry we took so long.”
Taro stared at Rozalin. “Thank you for rescuing me, Princess. I pledge my life to serve you.”
“Taro, you…” began Rozalin.
“I didn’t think you were gonna rescue me. I… I… Please, let me be your servant, Princess!”
“… If that is your wish. Taro, I officially accept you as my servant.”
“Th-thank you, Princess!”
Taro’s title changed to Rozalin’s Servant. Then, he joined the party.
“I chose to help,” explained Rozalin, “and not for appreciation. Besides, we have more pressing matters to attend to. Namely, Axel. If he reports that erroneous propaganda, people may believe that I am betraying my father. If that happens…”
“I’m sorry,” apologized Adell. “This is all my fault.”
“Adell… Keep your chin up, Adell. I have not been branded a traitor yet.”
“Even so, I’m still not satisfied with myself.”
Rozalin said that, if Adell simply kept his promise to her, it would lift his spirits. “Will you keep your promise?”
“O-of course!”
“Then, I shall hold you to your word.
Please accept the fate of this world and its people. If you become a demon, I can speak to my father for you. That way, you won’t have to die and leave your family in sorrow.”
“…My goal is to defeat Zenon. But, if he decides to remove his curse and turn everyone back to normal, then I won’t have to fight him.”
According to the news, Zenon sponsored the Veldime battle arena! ROCK!
They show Axel turning the TV off. They didn’t run his story.
Hanako promised a feast for Adell. Taro wanted to do the same for Rozalin, who admitted to being “awfully hungry”. Dad gave her his thanks.
“Family… what a wonderful feeling,” waxed Rozalin lyrically.
Episode Six: Colloseum
Not the most inspiring title ever.
Wait, is that supposed to be a pun?
I’ve been futzing around in the Item World, gaining felonies. In a Mystery Room, I encountered a merchant that was lv. 3000. What the…!

I think it may soften the breaks between hard transitions if I put the first sentence in a paragraph or first few words of a sentence in boldface. Please tell me what you think.