Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days – October 3rd, 2009: Have You Seen This Overlord?

October 3rd, 2009: Adell wanted to know how to search for Zenon. Hanako teased, “Why not go on TV and ask for help? Be like, ‘Daddy, where are you?!'”
“No,” answered Rozalin. “If I were to do something so crass as that, my father would surely disown me. “My father has always been concerned with my well being. That is why my existence was a closely guarded secret.”

“Huh?” Taro suddenly asked, “Princess, where is Tink?”
“Maybe he needs to hibernate,” added Hanako unhelpfully.
“Uhm, excuse me,” said a polite voice. “You can call me Yukimaru.” It was a cute little kunoichi with pointy ears! “Excuse me, but would you happen to know where the Colosseum is, zam?”

Rozalin (left) with Yukimaru (right)

“Hey, Tardo,” uttered Hanako. “Do you think that Colosseum is that ancient building?”
“It probably is that building,” answered Taro.
“Can you tell me how to get there, please?” asked the kunoichi with a smile.
“Sure, I think it’s through Gate (GZ256),” answered Hanako.
“Uh-huh, Gate (GZ256). …Got it, zam. Yahahaha! Thanks for your help. I will repay your kindness.”
“Sounds like getting there is important to you,” noted Adell.
“Overlord Zenon is going to sponsor a battle arena there, zam. To celebrate the first victory, the winner gets to… guess what, zam…! They get to meet Overlord Zenon!”
“Meet Zenon!?”
“Is it true?!” asked Rozalin.
“Absolutely!” answered Yukimaru.
“This couldn’t be more perfect,” noted Adell suspiciously. “In fact, it sounds too good to be true.”
“To fulfill my duties as a ninja, I must enter this battle arena, zam,” explained the determined Yukimaru.
“And is saying ‘zam’ part of the duty of a ninja, too?” asked Hanako.
“…Young ninjas like me have to say zam to focus their chi from their heart. That’s why I say ‘Zam’, zam.”
“So I can be a ninja too,” asked Taro, “zam?”
But Yukimaru ignored him. She was preoccupied with the “snowy glow” in Rozalin’s eyes. The kunoichi thought that they meant that Rozalin was from the Snow Clan. But Yukimaru did not recognize her as one of the survivors. Rozalin admitted that her mother may have been a member of the Snow Clan.
After Yukimaru left, Adell muttered, “I must be a freak magnet…” Hey!
Tink finally returned. He explained that he took a long shower.
Episode Six, Chapter One: Battle Arena – First Battle

Aw, no Battle Arena Toshinden? 😉

The entrance to the multi-tiered colosseum had an ominous, horned demon head above it.
Eep! Etna was there to join the tourney as well. Taro was surprised that she was THE beauty queen Etna, while Hanako was shocked that Adell lost to Etna.
The… “beauty queen” entered her Prinnies to defeat Zenon for her.
“How’s it going, dood?” asked Private Prinny. “We’re gonna do our best, dood.”
Somehow, Adell doubted the integrity of Etna’s scheme. She kindly asked him to take the fall if he wound up fighting them. Hell, no!
“A storm is coming this way…” announced Rozalin ominously.
Ugh! Axel and his crew were there, too. The Dark Hero was the referee and MC. “In this Colosseum, I am God!” Uh-huh. Apparently, Zenon himself asked him to perform this double duty.
“It’s so hard being popular…” bragplained Axel.
However, the Director revealed the truth. Axel begged Zenon’s publicist for the job.

Overlords have publicists?

Finally, Axel got down to it. “Are you ready to rock! Round 1, quick start!!”
Our first opponents were the “Invincible Hero Squad” with invincible equipment.
Oh, my god. Taro’s movements are adorable.  So are his attacks. He’s kind of a cow demon or something, so he chugs some milk after battles.
They were strong, but far from invincible. They only called themselves that because they had never fought before, so their record was truly… invincible.
Meanwhile, Zenon was indeed at the colosseum. The Masked Man said that “those believed to be in league with the Demon Lord were victorious in the first round…”
He also reported that several of the participants wished to kill Zenon.
“Let them try…” taunted the Overlord. “They will die, anyway…”
How optimistic of you.
Etna didn’t even offer us a reward for theoretically taking the fall. Lame, dood.