Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days – October 6th, 2009: Clip Show

October 6th, 2009: Twenty-eight days. Officially a month since I started this VGJ. Time for some reflection on the game so far.
I’m a bit surprised at how much this game is like Soul Nomad. The classes aren’t terribly innovative, either. Perhaps the monsters are the most innovative units.

Is the game fun? The asthetics, story, and humor certainly are. The gameplay is most fun with its true innovations, like lifting units, Geo Panels, grinding units, the Dark Assembly, combos – these particularly shine in the randomly generated Item Worlds.
If you like Disgaea, you should push your brain to make optimum tactical manuvers. That should maximize your enjoyment of the game, even if you gotta smack down lv one fools.
What’s Up with Disagaea?: Sux or Rox?
Let’s find out which characters suck or rock, using a rating system from one to four stars.
1. Adell (Demon Hunter)
Weapon Proficiency: Fist (A-rank)
A young warrior who swore to defeat Zenon. Deals more damage to stronger enemies.
Student: Memphis
Review: I have mainly used Adell as a tosser for other characters. I’ve been pretty neglectful of him otherwise. **
2. Rozalin (Zenon’s Child)
WP: Guns (A)
Students: Phoebe, Ecrue, Scion, Olivia
Overlord Zenon’s only daughter. Haughty and arrogant. Powers up male units.
Review: Like Adell, Rozalin seems a little common in comparison to units with similar niches. **
3. Tink (Dirty Frog)
Students: Sabre, Naples, Ardorbaron
Rozalin’s childhood friend. Cursed to become a frog. His mobility is always increased by two.
Review: I’m a huge fan of Tink’s mobility. As a flying unit, he is key to reaching the gates to higher levels of the Item World. Equip him with a good pair of shoes and watch him float away. ****
4. Hanako (Adell’s Sister)
Annoying little sister of Adell. Dreams of becoming a demon. She takes less damage from monsters.
Review: I have not we extensively used Hanako yet. Her stat-boosting songs distinguish her from other monster-type units. Using her in combos with Adell and Taro is easy. **
5. Taro (Rozalin’s Slave)
Adell’s whiny little brother. Has horns on his head. DEFENSE and RESISTANCE up when in danger.
Review: I have used Taro in only one battle, but he was impressive. He was strong and his animations are the best in the game. ***
Now, the regular units.
Fighter: A powerful fighter for your front lines. Critical DAMAGE up when in danger.
Review: Fighters are strong, but their range is limited. But their potential WP is well-balanced: Sword, Spear, and Ax (B). **
Lady Fighter: WP: Sword, Spear, Bow (B)
Review: The Lady Fighter is slightly better than the male at using Bows, but has slightly less HP and DEF. **
Skull: WP: Rod (A)
Review: Skulls are pretty incredible spell casters. They come in three default types: Red, Green, and Blue, to match the three elements of fire, wind, and ice. There’s a reason why my strongest character is a Skull (Red). ****
Mage: WP: Rod (A)
Review: These are the female equivalents to the Skulls. They also come in three default types. They have slightly higher SP than a Skull, but lower Speed (SPD). ****
Hanakage: WP: Fist, Sword, Rod (B)
Skilled in the ninja arts. Attacks twice when in danger.
Review: The kunoichi seems fairly weak and their skills are centered around status effects. **
Togabito: WP: Fist (A)
A sinner out of the darkness. Counter DMG (damage) UP when in danger.
Review: These guys are great at counterattacking, but aren’t very distinguished otherwise.
Druid: WP: Rod (B)
Powerful user of earth magic. Takes no geo damage.
Review: At first, I thought that Druids were weak and overly specialized. Their magic is meant change Geo Panels in the Item World, which is deceptively useful. They also learn healing and star-type spells. ***
Gunner: WP: Guns (A)
A sharp shootin’, rootin-tootin, tough son of a gun. DMG UP during combo attacks.
Review: I’m not a huge fan. They seem a little flimsy. Also, it’s hard to coordinate combos between long and short range units without compromise. **
Thief: WP: Fist, Sword, Spear, Bow, Gun (C)
Would steal your heart in a second. High steal chance with hands.
Review: Stealing works a little differently in this game. Any unit can use a Hand item to steal, but Thieves have a higher chance of success. Unfortunately, they’re pretty weak. **
Healer: WP: Sword, Spear, Bow, Rod (C)
Support unit using heals and buffs. Has a resistance to elemental attacks.
Review: Tougher than average mage class. Unfortunately, the range of their spells is short, almost debilitating. ***
Beast Tamer: WP: Sword, Spear, Bow, Ax (B)
Animals love her. Strengthens monster units. Powers up nearby allied monsters.
Review: Scruffy backup unit for monsters. ***
Magic Knight: WP: Sword, Rod (B)
A well balanced warrior with magic power. Very resistant to elements.
Review: Jacqueline of all trades, mistress of none. Her [Element] Weapon skills are unique, but require one turn to charge up. Her biggest weakness is her low SP. ***
Phew! Next time, we’ll talk monsters.
Episode Six, Chapter Two: Second Battle
Our next challenger: Old Man Geo. He devoted 10,000 years of his life to the study of Geo Panels. He sent us to the Item World to solve a puzzle that he set up.
“I hate puzzles,” said Hanako. “How are we supposed to solve this?”
“Is this too hard for you young’ns?” taunted Old Man Geo.
It looked like a board game from Hell.

So, basically, Fortune Street?

Adell gave the board a quick once-over. “Tch… This one’s too easy. The red Geo Symbol is the key.”
“I thought you were just a foolish brute who ran head-first into battle,” said Rozalin. “But you are surprisingly adept as well, Adell.”
“Never underestimate me. I just hate cheap tricks and dirty tactics!”
The effect of destroying all of the red Geo Panels is so cool. Unfortunately, the mission was not. It was mind-blowingly tedious to maneuver around the No Entry panels to get to the red Geo Symbol. But once you destroy that one, all of the other panels vanish and your Bonus Gauge will swell.

The Bonus Gauge determines what items you get at the end of a battle.

Old Man Geo was impressed by our puzzle-solving skills. He said that he had not been so impressed since he met Fubuki, who lived at Shinra Tower. Then, Old Man Geo gave Adell a Remedy. For what? It gave off a pretty blue glow.
Rozalin took it from him and claimed, “If I let you hold it, you would probably just waste it on something stupid.”
Adell said, “Psh… fine. But you better not waste it either.”
Backstage, we ran into Yukimaru again. She said that both of her opponents were injured, so she did not have to fight them. “I don’t like fighting unless I have to, zam.”
Suddenly, Tink turned red and claimed that Yukimaru was the one who attacked Zenon’s mansion. Well, actually, it was someone dressed like her. She seemed to know who it was…
Nekomata try to block attacks with their fluffy tails. Cute! ♥