Twitter Debates: 4 Signs You’re Dealing With a Mansplainer


There are all sorts of men you’ll meet while playing video games. We all recognize the bullies, creepers, “nice guys,” trolls, and oh so many more. While these types of gamers are not uniquely male, the lion’s share of them are. Now, I’m going to be honest with you: I am someone who does not like chatting with random people when I’m playing games. Whether that’s something innate in my personality or a dislike that I’ve developed from playing games that allowed for player interaction, I’ll never know. Player interaction isn’t what I’d like to talk about today, though. That deserves an article all of its own and more voices than mine to add to the chorus.

Instead, a recent twitter interaction had me thinking about just how deeply ingrained our social training can be. I had retweeted something from Anita Sarkeesian and was contacted afterward by a puppet account going through to…

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