Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days – October 7th, 2009: Your Soul Is Mine

October 7th, 2009: Episode Six, Chapter Three: Third Battle
“Welcome to Round 3, your own personal hell!” announced Axel.
The rival team consisted of female demons, such as succubi.
“Elenor…!?” said Adell, to the leader of the rival team. “What’re you doing here!?”
“Foolish child,” said Elenor. “Did you really think you could run from me?”
“She’s the reason I don’t like girls!!”
“Ohhhhh, you might hurt my feelings. After all, you came to me.”
“Stop trying to mislead everyone! I didn’t have a choice…!”
“You won’t get away from me this time, Adell. As per the terms of our deal, your soul will belong to me.”
“Not this time! I’m a lot stronger than I used to be! I’ll make sure you pay for the scars on my face!”
And you know that he meant it because his text box was all shouty.
It would seem that Adell’s hell is Tink’s heaven.
One of the Lilims was named Zyxenfryx. Ok, who let their cat walk across the keyboard?
Adell once tried to sell his soul to Elenor to learn something. What did he try to learn?
“…I don’t even think about them anymore,” claimed the young rebel. “Besides, selling my soul to a demon just isn’t my style.”
“…Knowing them now won’t change anything…” Adell thought to himself.
Archers are so adorable! Why do they take so long to unlock?
They have a good range but lack the strength of short-range units.
Episode Six, Chapter Four: Fourth Battle
There were tons of Prinnies, dood! Oh, no – Etna’s squad!
Adell refused to throw the fight. “First of all, throwing a fight is betraying the trust of the modern sports gambler. Gambling fraud just isn’t my style.”
The Prinnies huddled as they came up with a plan. “Dood! We hafta win this fight on our own, dood! Listen up! It’s time for our secret formation, dood!”
They lined themselves up like bowling pins.
“We challenge you to bowling, dood!!”
Adell told them that they were on the side that gets hurt by the ball.
“Seriously!? Dood!!”
“The least I can do is let you die quickly…” said Rozalin. “Let’s go!!”
Dood! These Prinnies are too tough with the X3 Enemy Boost Geo Panels! I hate to say it, but they’re too tough for me.

I realize now that a Disgaea/Devil May Cry crossover would be hilarious.