Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days – October 10th, 2009 (Part One): Revengeance

October 10th, 2009: Until now! It was tough. I sacrificed over half of my units, but managed to make my way to the other side of the map to their Enemy Boost X3 Geo Crystal. Then I realized, like an idiot, that Prinnies explode when thrown. I could have been tossing them ALL ALONG.
“Heh, this is bad, dood! We are so screwed! We better hide out at our secret base, dood! It beats whatever Master Etna’s planning for us, dood!”
They all turned tail.
Suddenly, Yukimaru appeared. She told us to leave the colosseum, and that Rozalin had “the same evil pulse I felt 15 years ago!! You…!? Can-can you be the Overlord’s…!? …This is unexpected. I must retreat for now…”
You go do that.

“What’s wrong with her…?”
Time for the six o’clock news! Suddenly, Tink popped up with a “Pop Quizzzzzzz!
Ze mystery deepens when ze Colosseum episode continues! Zis quiz is on ze new character, Yukimaru!! Normally, Yukimaru is polite, zam! Ze uhzer Yukimaru is rude. Why are zere two?”
Then, Hanako chimed in! “Yukimaru is really a pair of twins!!”
“Er, zat is incorrect! Sorry! Alzough twins are ‘in’ at the moment, zat is not correct!”
Taro was up next! “Yukimaru has a split personality?”
Bzzt! “Er, zat is also incorrect! Sorry! Now, if only zere was a sexy step-muhzer or step-sister, with a personality zat loved me, hmmm…”
Yep, he turned red halfway through.
Usagi apologized for his behavior. “I would like to take a moment to apologize to all of our viewers for any foul language or obscene images that were broadcast.”
Episode 7: Battle Tournament
Etna tagged along with us for when we found Zenon.
Rozalin really wanted to see her father. But she was also concerned about what he would do to her friends.
“Maybe if I beg Father, he will release his curse on the humans… Hm… Such wishful thinking…
To meet my father, we must win. But, then they would die…
What am I to do? Please, Father, tell me…”

Then, Yukimaru appeared. “The Snow Clan shall have its vengeance… Though my eyes see no light, my heart sees everything. I know who you are, Daughter of the Overlord.”
“W-what?!” muttered Rozalin.
“Your death will surely bring him out! I’m sorry, but you have to die!!”
But Adell blocked her critical strike.
“How cowardly can you be?” asked Adell. “Do you always attack people in the dark?”
Adell arrived in the nick of time when he went looking for her, because she was not with the others.
“You went looking for me…?” asked Rozalin. “How long were you listening?”
“Did you hear me talking to myself!?”
“You shouldn’t be worrying about that right now, but if it makes you feel better, I didn’t hear anything.”
“Is that so…? Great.”
Then, Tink and the kids showed up.
“More interlopers…!” spat Yukimaru. “I won’t allow you to interfere with my vengeance!!”
The kunoichi who sounds like one of the kids from The Simpsons stacks the deck with No Lifting and Disperse Damage Geo Panels. I’m starting to think that all of our opponents in these chapters are cheaters. Chapter cheaters!
Yukimaru promises to take her vengeance another time. But you’ll just drag your GPs in with ya!
Episode Seven, Chapter One: Fifth Battle
“Allow me to introduce your opponents for Round 5!!” announced Axel. “These Champions of Justice come all the way from the Milky Way Galaxy!” Wuh?
Oh, my gosh. It’s the Prism Rangers. Taro thinks they’re cool. Well, the explosion behind them was.
“They are called the Prism Rangers,” noted Rozalin, “yet they do not even have all seven colors of reflected light…”
True. There were only five of them.
“Can I kill ’em yet?” asked Hanako. Jeez!