Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days – October 10th, 2009 (Part Two): Snow Falls, She Rises

October 10th, 2009: “It doesn’t feel right, but we have no choice,” decided Adell. “Sorry about this. Hmmm, I’ve never pitied an opponent so much before…”
Really? Not even the Prinnies?
“Here we go, guys!” declared Prism Red, leader of the Prism Rangers. “It’s Prism Time!”
Of course, they came with a ton of Geo Panels. But none of them were crippling, and the Prisms were just monster type enemies.
The Prisms promised to return with two more rangers! Wow. They are so doomed.
Episode Seven, Chapter Two: Semi-Finals
Before the semifinals, the masked woman appeared to ask us if the flute was useful. Adell said yes.
He wondered why she helped us. Tink theorized that, if she was originally a human, as opposed to a pure demon, she may retain her humanity…
“That’s the only reason I fight,” thought Adell. “Ever since I was a little kid. So, why…? Why do I feel hesitant now…?”
Rozalin was also anxious about winning the semifinals.
“Since my childhood, I have dreamed of meeting my father. And soon, my dream will be fulfilled. So, why do I feel hesitation in my heart?
I will finally get to meet my father, who I have always longed to see… Is it because of fear? Or because Adell and Father will try to kill each other…?”
Axel said that reaching the semis was a true indicator of Adell being a worthy rival.
“How does beating you up to the point where the whole universe thinks you’re dead make me your rival?” questioned Adell.
Axel laughed. “Your insults won’t affect me, because I have the perfect opponent for you!”
And who would that be but Yukimaru? She brought an assload of ninjas with her.
She claimed no knowledge of her attempt on Rozalin’s life. What the zam?
“Can it be that there is a second Yukimaru who intends to take my life?”asked Rozalin.
The Yukimaru from the other fight was stronger.
“Now that my mission has failed, I no longer have a reason to live…” lamented Yukimaru. She pulled out a knife and pointed it at her throat. “All things considered, my life was all too short, zam…”
She could not bring herself to do it. Hanako noted that Yukimaru may want someone to stop her.
“Fine, I’ll handle this,” said Adell. “Why are you giving up so easily?”
He insisted that there was a better way. “For instance, if I was you, I’d force my way into the group that beat me and try to carry out my victory with them…”
Yukimaru put the knife away. “Your manly physique and your romantic voice have convinced me, zam. From now on, you shall have my blade. I will fight with my body and soul, zam!” Sweet, zam!
“Deeply swayed by Adell’s manliness and cologne, (Yukimaru) joined the group! “
“Just don’t get too close to me,” requested Adell. “I don’t like girls that much.”

Then why do you wear cologne? Just to smell good? 😉

“Are you certain, Monsieur Adell?” asked Tink. “I am not so convinced that she is completely innocent. Why not torture her for a bit?”

That’s wrong and it doesn’t work, Tink. Even Trevor Philips from Grand Theft Auto V knows that. Unless your torture is more perverted in nature, like tickle torture? In which case, still ew.

That’s not Adell’s style, but shockingly, Taro agreed!

What do they teach kids in Veldime?! Maybe the curriculum is straight-up Hunger Games, yo.

Rozalin said it was fine. “Besides, I know she is not the one trying to kill me. I-I think.”