Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days – October 10th, 2009 (Part Three): Saving the Best for Last

October 10th, 2009: Episode Seven, Chapter Three: Final Battle
The final opponent is… Axel? Actually, it’s more like him and a zillion rent-a-soldiers.

Etna’s voice sounds familiar.

It’s actually Michelle Ruff, one of my favorite voice actresses.

Axel’s special, “My Heart Shakes”, is hilarious.
Axel laughed after we beat him. “I regret that I lost, but my star will shine brightly across the netherworlds! The pain doesn’t bother me…”
The Director informed him that the tab on the camera’s tape broke off. Nothing was recorded!
“Why, God, whyyyy?!” screamed Axel. “What did I do to deserve this…?”
“I kinda get the feeling that all your bad luck started when I beat you the first time, so I wanna help you,” said Adell.
“…Wha? Whadda-what do you mean?”
“Just follow us with a hidden camera. You might be able to get Overlord Zenon on tape.”
“Y-you’d do that? Fuh-for me…?”
Axel sprung back to life. “Haha! You’re so predictable! You fell right into my pity trap!”
“(Axel and his crew will follow you with hidden cameras!)”
“You even pity a fool like Axel?” asked Rozalin. “You are too kind.”
Tink congratulated Rozalin on winning the tournament. “Now you will finally meet your father.”
“Yes, that’s right. And if I ask my father, he might be able to turn you back to normal as well.”
Tink laughed. “I do not zink you will have much to worry about anyone but yourself.”
“Zere is no need to worry anymore. I shall have ze pleasure of killing you now!”
Suddenly, Yukimaru shouted “Murderer!” and leapt in between Rozalin and Tink. But someone else got to “Tink” first and zapped him.
“Aw, he’s dead,” lamented Hanako, before she contemplated the taste of frog.
“You know, he was actually pretty fun to have around,” noted Adell.
“I will look after Princess now,” promised Taro. “Rest peacefully, Tink.”
“He lived in vain,” added Yukimaru. “The more he prospered, the more he declined. What a depressing life, zam.”
Boy, is he ever going to be pissed when he comes back.
“Oh, I am mortified,” said Tink. “A dear friend dies, and zat is all you have to say about him? Who is ze cold-blooded one supposed to be, eh?”
All of a sudden, another Tink strolled onto the battlefield with the masked woman. The faux-Tink’s disguised vanished, leaving behind… Yukimaru?!
“Zat is ze fake Yukimaru who tried to attack ze princess. If not for zis masked woman, you would have died.”
Faux-Yukimaru vanished.
“That was the art of the Henge,” thought Yukimaru. “Which means…!! But why would he attack Miss Rozalin? What was he thinking?”
Adell asked the masked woman why she was being helpful.
“…I do not understand it myself. I just wanted to…”
She told us that Zenon was waiting in the sub-levels of the Colosseum. Then, she disappeared.
Hanako and Taro noted the lack of excitement from Adell and Rozalin.
The six o’clock news claimed that the tournament’s MC was an escaped mental patient that resembled Axel.
“What is wrong with ze both of you?” asked Tink of Adell and Rozalin. “You are acting very strange. Zis is supposed to be ze fun part.”
Episode Eight: Zenon Appears!
We arrived at a subterranean lair lit by creepy candles. Creepy laughter echoed throughout. It belonged to Zenon.

“Welcome, assassins. Ah, just like turkeys in the rain. Now, which one of you is Demon Lord Etna!? Reveal yourself!”
“This whole battle arena thing was to catch her?” realized Adell.
“Father…!! said Rozalin.
Zenon stammered. “W-why? Why are you here?”
“You can tell it’s me? I have waited so long to see you.”
“Why didn’t anyone tell me you were here…? I did not plan for this to happen!! What is the meaning of this?”
“Are you mad at me? I just wanted to meet you, Father. Was that so wrong…?”
“I’m just surprised… in general.” His nervousness was suspicious.
“I will avenge my clan… by taking your life, zam!” swore Yukimaru. She leapt at Zenon, but he deflectted her attack.
“Miss Rozalin, I am sorry, zam. I thought you were from my home, but you were Zenon’s daughter all along. But I have a mission. Forgive me!”
“I thought I exterminated them all 15 years ago,” said Zenon, of the Snow Clan.
He summoned zombies to thwart us while he kidnapped Rozalin, Yukimaru almost committed seppuku again, and Axel and his crew ditched us.

I split this entry into three parts to make it easier to read.