Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days – October 11th, 2009: Daddy’s Little Girl

October 11th, 2009: This battle Is super-fun if you have units with long-range attacks. But keep from bunching your characters up, or the dragon at the end of the cave will scorch them en masse. It’s super-easy to fill the bonus gauge too.
No matter how hard our heroes fought, the zombies just kept on coming. Despite Adell’s attempts at reassurance, Taro was terrified. “Yeah, we’re gonna die. …Does it hurt to die?”
Rozalin pleaded for Zenon to forgive her friends. “I know they have committed treason by opposing you, but they all have important reasons for doing so…
Father, you raised me so carefully! You loved me so much! For the sake of your benevolent heart, please, let these people go! Father… Please?! I, your daughter Rozalin, beg you!”
“Princess… I understand your request,” claimed Zenon.
“Your mind and heart have been poisoned by the outside world.
Kill them all!! Capture the princess without harm and then erase her memories of the outside world… all of them!”
The zombies closed in on them… until…
“Boy, did I come at the wrong time,” complained Etna. “I think I’m gonna hurl.”
Etna and her Prinny army arrived onto the scene. They started wiping out the zombies.
“I wanna be Etna when I grow up…” declared Hanako.
Yukimaru said we should flee, but Adell dug his heels in.
“We can’t beat Zenon like this!” reasoned Taro. “I know how you feel, but we have to think about Princess!”
“…Yeah,” agreed Adell. “You’re right, Taro.”
The heroes left. Rozalin did not mind.
Axel and his crew stayed behind to record Etna’s battle against Zenon.
“Come on, Zenon…” taunted Etna. “I have a little treat for you!!”
We can make Dragons now! Yayy.
How long was the faux-Tink in our midst?