Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days – October 20th, 2009: Don’t Call It a Clip Show

October 20th, 2009: I switched to Japanese voiceovers, not out of disdain for the English VO, but curiosity.
Episode Eight: Colosseum Depths, Chapter One: Hades Corridor
Ha! I have never faced a less hellish corridor. There are only six pitiful enemies: two Beast Tamers, and four Dragons. Their levels are high, but if your characters’ levels are comparable, they can easily swarm and swamp them all.
The main goal in this episode is to crawl our way out of the jaws of the Colosseum’s basement levels.
Such a fool I am! The Dragons can easily retaliate with the huge range of their Fire Breath attack.
Was Tink’s Sonic Roll inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog?
Unlike other SRPGs, monsters are unique additions to any Disgaea party.
What’s Up with Disgaea? Mixed Monster Mash

Once again rated from one to four stars.

Ghost: Spirit of a being from another world. Regains SP every turn
Ghosts give you hell early on as long-range magic users. Their biggest advantage is their long range. Also, their mobility helps them from getting into trouble. **
Zombie: Deadites, slow, steady, and resilient. Regain life by defeating enemy normally
Zombies’ highest attribute is HP. Their high defense compounds a unit that’s a chore to kill. Too bad their attacks are dead-standard, although their puke can poison enemies. **
Empusa: A classic femme fatale. Deals more damage to males
Now we’re talkin’. One of the rare monsters that can heal itself with the Hip Attack. Wings = great mobility. ***
Nekomata: Feline monster with a supple body. High counter attack damage
Nekomata are focused entirely on offense. Their skills take advantage of their high attack. ***
Dragon: Ancient monster. Slow, but powerful. Immune to FIRE
Even low-level dragons can inflict huge damage with a powerful weapon. But despite their wings, they can’t fly, which limits their mobility. I guess they are only for show. ***

That was like a Newgrounds review… I talked more about their mobility than their power, and gave them an above-average rating.

Prinny: A penguin-like monster from the Netherworld. Explodes (!) when thrown
I love prinnies. Their skills are unique, but prinnies are stymied by a lack of mobility.

Apparently, I forgot to even give them a rating. Whoops!

Petite Orc: Violent, pig-like species. ATK UP when in danger
Lacking in versatility, but has high HP and ATK. **
Mothman: Transports the dead to the Netherworld. MOVE UP when in danger
Specializing in status affecting moves, mothmen can attack from a square away. But their defense is not distinguished. **
Warslug: Dweller of the deep seas. Immune to ICE
Perhaps the least effective monster class, their ATK rating is pathetic. Their special skill relies on their INT rating and has a large area of effect, but is generally underwhelming. *
Alarune: A magical spirit from the forests. Resistant to magical attacks
Cute characters with excellent range. They also learn a healing skill! But they have low DEF. ***
Cu Sith: The reincarnation of a hurricane. Immune to WIND
So that’s why it blows. Their ATK is underwhelming, though they do have a crucial mobility perk. *
Marionette: A living doll driven by a curse. Immune to ailments
High ATK and DEF, but they are generic attackers. **
Cockatrice: A mysterious mutated demon. Weaken nearby enemies
The unique area of effect of their Stone Breath helps distinguish them from the rest of the crowd. **
Some advice for unit creation: You can equip them to play to their strengths, or balance out their weaknesses.
The random name generator is fun, but you really need to pick names that are easy to memorize. Choose names that help you identify their skills at a glance.
NIS put the name generator into the game and the names were suggested by fans. I don’t know how many of those names survived translation, but I’m more concerned with who the hell suggested “Strangler”.