Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days – October 21st – 24th, 2009

October 21st, 2009: I changed back to English vooiceovers. They’re just cuter.

Episode Eight, Chapter Two: Colosseum Depths – Loser’s Gallows
This battle only has four enemies, but there are random No Entry Geo Panels in your way. Plus, the mages are on Evade GPs, requiring a high HIT rating to attack them effectively (for a change).
Tink attacks with his tongue. Gross.

October 24th, 2009: In a Subpoena Item World, I had my most powerful units gang up on a lv. 72 Ambling Pirate. My highest character lv. is thirty-three.
Perhaps I should explain what an Ambling Pirate is in a new installment of…
What’s Up with Disgaea? What’s Up with the Item World?
Every single lowly item has its own randomized dungeon. Forget replaying the scenario levels over and over again; Item Worlds are the way to grind.
Each item has special characters in its Item World that, if defeated, will strengthen the item.
Other features of the Item World include…
Dimension Gates: Moving a character to this panel will advance you to the next floor of the dungeon.
Mystery Gates: These contain random encounters and special, very expensive shops.
Court Gates: Exclusive to Subpoenas. Any unit can get a felony by entering this panel, even if they are not the one called by the Dark Court.
Pirates!: Special units or teams that occasionally appear, heralded by an alarm. Defeating them may cause them to relinquish a piece of a legendary Treasure Map. Others bring treasure chests with them on their ships.
You can only leave Item Worlds by reaching a 10th lv. gate, which takes you to an Innocent Town. There, you can ask the Ma Dimension Guide to take you out of the Item World. However, if you have an exceedingly rare Mr. Gency Exit, you can leave at any time you want, and pick up from where you left off later.
Only Dimension Gates let you advance through the dungeon. If you, say, enter a Mystery Gate on lv. one, you will return to a different lv. one.
You can also advance a floor by killing all of the enemies on the floor.
Some enemies squat on the Dimension Gate. Adding insult to injury, you can’t just pick them up and fling ’em, leaving only one option left.
The Dragon’s Fire Breath is really cool.
Episode Eight, Chapter Three: Colosseum Depths – Confession Room
Another map, another unfair advantage for the enemies. They have Silence and Enemy LV Up 10% GPs on their side. If you can’t destroy the appropriate Geo Crystals, you may be in trouble.
Episode Eight, Chapter Four: Colosseum Depths – Survivor’s End
Nothin’ but monsters, a Skull, and a mage on this map. But the mage is standing on a pillar, making him too high to attack directly.