Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days – October 26th, 2009: Call Me Queen

October 26th, 2009: Episode Eight: Colosseum Depths – Putrid Courtroom
Two flanking groups of archers, a wall of Heavy Knights, and healers with more archers behind them, all on Heal 20% and Attack +1 Geo Panels.
As the group made their way out of the colosseum, the masked woman appeared before them. She let them through.
“Did my father tell you to do this?” asked Rozalin. “He did, didn’t he? See, my father does care about me…”
Adell wanted to know why the masked woman helped him and his ragtag group.
“You’re not really one of Zenon’s servants, are you?” asked Adell. “You used to be human, right? Then, why don’t you come with us?”
“…Hurry,” said the masked woman. “You must go…”
She vanished.
“Hey…!” said Adell.
“Sir Adell!” called Yukimaru. “We can’t stay here much longer, zam!”
“Hey!” said Hanako. “I can see outside!”
According to the news, ETNA BEAT ZENON. Axel broke the story. However, the producer of Tripping with Axel was arrested for covering up the truth about Axel still being alive. The producer feared that Axel would reveal that he embezzled the show’s finances.
Axel’s comment: “There is only one certainty in this universe – the Dark Hero lives on forever!”
“The once-gutter trash Dark Hero has risen, like a freakish garbage phoenix, to recapture our hearts again,” reported Usagi. “A true Netherworld dream.”
A certain super-short, scrawny Netherworld demon lord was also watching the news…
“…I have to go teach her just who the strongest, most evil Overlord really is… And that’s me! Laharl! Hahahaha!!”
Meanwhile, Adell, who was unaware of Zenon’s defeat, was filled with anger.
“Was she truly loved?”
As the sun rose, a familiar voice brought astonishing news…
“Hi, guys!” greeted Etna. She knows where we live!
“I thought you should know, I took care of Zenon for you. Well, for me, really, but hey!”
“Im-impossible!” sputtered Rozalin. “Father was…”
Adell noted that everyone was still cursed.
“Yeah, I know!” said Etna. “Something’s wrong. I went to all the trouble of beating Zenon, but my title hasn’t changed to (Goddess of All Overlords), or even to just (Overlord)! I checked my status and it still lists me as (Beauty Queen)!”
“Shouldn’t it say (Demon Lord)?” asked Adell.
“Oh, I had that hacked a long time ago. Say… Was that the real Overlord Zenon?”
“Well… could it have been a fake Zenon?”
“My father would never say such horrible things to me,” claimed Rozalin. “It had to be a fake!”
One  of Etna’s Prinnies told Rozalin to cheer up and offered her some “Prinny Juice”.
“…No,” declined Rozalin. “I’ll just eat some sweets ’til I feel better.”
The Prinny apologized. “See you later, doods.”
Etna and her Prinny squad left.
Back home, Mom suggested we get a piece of a demon lord to summon “The Strongest Demon in the World”. And so, the party was off to collect Etna’s toenail clippings…
Episode 9: Summoned Overlord
Some NPC said that, if you throw an enemy into another, they’ll combine!