Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days – November 1st, 2009: Bad Influence

November 1st, 2009: Taro reported that Etna was in Alche City.

Wait, we put one of the kids on recon?

Episode Nine, Chapter One: Alche City – Dead Metropolis
“A long time ago, Alche City used to be full of people who knew how to use alchemy,” reported Hanako. Somebody paid attention in school! I was afraid that the city was named that because they were all alcoholics.
“But they started doing a lot of bad experiments, and soon everyone disappeared,” continued Hanako.

“The principle of prosperity and decline… Child, you are very knowledgeable, zam,” observed Yukimaru.
“My name’s not ‘child’, it’s Hanako! And I read about it in one of Dad’s books.”
“But why would Etna come to a place like this?” asked Rozalin, reading my mind.
“Master Etna’s a slave driver, dood. Why do we have to move out here all of a sudden?”
Etna’s Prinnies wandered about the city.
“Living in tents was pretty boring, dood. But making us take over this city is just cold-blooded, dood.” Maybe it has a connection to… Zenon.
When the Prinnies spotted Adell’s party, they scattered like bugs. Left us to fend for ourselves…
Another mission with a load of ninjas and a lotta space between you and an Enemy Boost 50% Geo Panel. In situations like this, I have my Heavy Knight (who can throw a character six spaces away) toss Tink ahead to perform some Geo Vandalism. Which is a punishable offense, BTW.
And what about them ninjas? They can flank you as you try to go down the street. They also have the special attack Lion’s Roar, which can hurt a whole bunch of units grouped together.
I won the battle but I lost a lot of units.
Meanwhile, back at the Colosseum, the masked people talked to each other…
“…Overlord Zenon is coming back to life…” said the masked man.
“…After all that damage…” said the masked woman.
“…As long as there are humans nearby, Overlord Zenon will never cease to exist…”
“…More humans will be lost to the darkness… but, won’t ruling the people become more difficult if more of their consciences are drained…?”
“…That is not our concern. We are meant to serve…”
“…I have begun to question whether it is right for us to exist like this… I wonder if I have forgotten anything important. Ever since I met that young man…”
“…Young… man?”
“…Yes. That young man with pure eyes…”
The masked servants spirited away.
Meanwhile, back home, Dad suddenly remembered something.
“What do you remember?” asked Mom. “Was it how to brush your teeth?”
“That was mean, honey,” complained Dad. “And no, that still looks too complicated… I remember something about Adell’s parents.”
“Really?! What do you remember?”
But suddenly, a dark mist rose from the ground. It floated into the air, and Dad forgot what he wanted to say.
Then, the monsters on his chest declared, “I love boobies!”
Mom said, “…What. Was. That?”
“That wasn’t me!” said Dad. “That was the pimple on my chest. Really!”

A fog that makes you forget things is terrifying.

There was also a dark mist in the dead metropolis.
Hanako asked “Tardo” if his horns got a little bigger.
“What?” asked Taro. “Stop making things up.
Uh, Hanako. Did your wings just get a little bigger?”
“Really?! All right! I’m on my way to become a mature woman♥”
“It looks like Zenon’s curse is getting stronger…” deduced Adell.
One Prinny sounds like Adell with some pitch-shifting.