Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days – November 17th, 2009 – January 15th, 2010

November 17th, 2009: I was thrilled to find an anime reference with the sword Sesshoumaru. The description reads, “Hurry up and find the damn jewel shards already!” This is a sassy reference to Inuyasha and the shards of the Shikon Jewel that the protagonists must find. I wonder if it was in the Japanese version of the game.
In my first review of the monster classes, I was very negligent to exclude one trait: they can’t lift anyone.
Episode Nine, Chapter Two: Alche City – Grave of the Alchemy
Adell had yet to give much thought to what he would do once he summoned the strongest demon in the world. But he promised to get Rozalin to her father…
Meanwhile, the others ran into trouble – magical trouble. Magic Knights, Skulls, and mages – and chests in a very out of the way area.
This fight is easy-peasy, much more so than the last one. And with its EXP+50% Geo Panels, I see many EXP harvesting runs on this map.
“Hey, Director,” greeted Axel. “What’s the hippity? Why’d you call ADH out here? I’m sorry, but I just got cast to be the lead in this new movie, and my new album’s dropping in three weeks…” Word, yo.

Tweet at him 4 the deets on his newest CD!

“Axel, darling…” said the Director. “Heh, you’ve changed.”
“Changed? ADH didn’t change. ADH is keepin’ it real, old school style, yo.”
“What part of this is the Dark Hero?! Now, you’re ADH, the Pop Hero! You’ve forgotten the soul of the Dark Hero! The Dark Hero was the master of evil!”
“You’re not with the in crowd. You don’t see the evolution.”
“I see… (sniff) Well, then, I guess there’s nothing more to say, Axel. I’m sorry for wasting your time. Good luck… with your movie.”
Then, someone came calling for ADH to return to the set to resume his role as “Melancholy Alien Lala”.
“Surio!” said Axel. “I’m on my way! La, la”
So… oblivious…

January 15th, 2010: Episode Nine, Chapter Three: Alche City – Altered Town
Just before the group was attacked by monsters, Hanako, Taro, Yukimaru, and Tink wondered about the Zenon that Etna defeated. Taro thought that he was weird; Hanako pointed out that Zenon did not claim to be anyone but Zenon, father of Rozalin; Yukimaru said that she remembered little of her childhood, but Zenon seemed familiar; and Tink recalled the masked people identifying him as Zenon. Then, Tink complained about recalling the memory hurting his head.
This chapter’s battlefield is tainted by No Entry and Disperse Damage GPs. Thankfully, you may be able to send your ranged characters after enemies.
The battle itself wasn’t too hard, but I was rusty and made some mistakes.
Meanwhile, Zenon was trying to recover from his fight with Etna. He claimed that she called herself a Demon Lord, while she possessed the power of an Overlord.
Then, he recast the seal over his minions. The masked woman cried out Adell’s name.
Zenon laughed. “You shouldn’t make me waste my power… Go find the princess! Once we have her back, we shall have nothing to fear.”
“U… understood…” said the masked woman.
“…As you wish, my master…” said the masked man.