Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days – February 6th, 2010: Tales from Home Shopping

February 6th, 2010: So I bribed the Dark Assembly to unlock the “See the ending” option. Now, under “Area Select”, that is one of the options! Let’s see where it takes us.

See the Ending: Dorkly Adonis
“Hahaha! I’m afraid I can’t allow you to do that,” said a dashing demon.

“Ugh, it appears I have been cursed with yet another clueless adversary,” bemoaned Adell.
“I am a distinguished gentleman with a penchant for grace and beauty. I am Dark Adonis Vy-”
“What are you supposed to be?” asked Rozalin. “The final boss?”
“Nah, can’t be,” dismissed Adell. “He must be some sort of Mid-Boss, at best.”
“M-m-Mid-Boss?” The handsome demon trembled with rage. “This is unforgivable… First, you try to see the ending, without facing the final boss, and then you insult my honor. You must be punished! En garde!”
His minions? Level sixty. The Mid-Boss? Eighty. My highest character level is thirty-nine.
Episode Nine, Chapter Four: Snarling Capital
The rebels crossed a bridge, only to find Etna. Adell asked for a piece of her nail. She said that, if we defeated her Prinnies, she would give them the piece. Dood! Good thing they’re easy to blow up, dood.
Etna threatened to kill them all if they failed to beat Adell and his companions. The Prinnies complained that Etna was “changing the rules” on them, but she claimed that she was always like that. Ice cold.
Unfortunately, this battlefield is littered with nasty Enemy Boost +50% and Clone Geo Panels.
It wasn’t pretty, but we managed to beat the Prinnies, and Etna handed over the Demon Lord Nail.
“…You’re a pretty nice person,” said Adell, as he and the others left the bridge. They could not hear Etna’s uproarious cackle.
“What’s so funny, dood?”
“Oh, just a little prank.”
“That wasn’t my nail. I gave ’em a (Lil’ Devil’s Sticky Nail). I bought a whole box of ’em on the Netherworld Shopping Channel.”
“Why would you do that, dood?”
“Because, if I had to fight a fake Overlord Zenon, then they do, too. Besides, this planet is boring. Hahaha! What a dork. ‘…You’re a pretty nice person’. Pwaahaha!”
“Uh… Was there a reason you had us fight, dood?”
“Nope. I thought it might be fun to watch. But, a promise is a promise. Heeheehee.”
“…We’re doomed, dood.”
Back home, Mom prepared for the ritual. “There, everything’s ready. We can now summon ‘the Strongest Demon in the World’.”
Mom played the flute and spun the spell, and…
…out came Etna.
This time, Axel presented the news with Plenair. He reported that demons from all over looked to take on the Strongest Demon in the World, Etna. “Veldime looks to become ground zero for Netherworld War 7,163.”
His cute family watched him on TV. One of his brothers insisted that it was not actually Axel, however.
Etna left Adell’s village, but she quickly returned. “My level went down…a LOT! It’s all your fault, isn’t it?!”

Maybe her fon slots got sealed. 😛

Mom said that should not have happened. “Hey, Adell. You did get us a real (Demon Lord Nail), didn’t you?”
“Yeah. I got it from her… Beauty Queen Etna.”
The demoness laughed nervously. “(Ooh, don’t tell me… This is all because I gave ’em that fake nail…)”
She decided to follow “the politician’s golden rule”: Deny, deny, deny. She blamed us for her clipped level and the overlords breathing down her neck.
And that was how Etna started stalking Adell joined our ragtag crew.
Episode 10: The Two Ninjas
Etna’s Private Prinnies came looking for her. She explained that her level plummeted because of the faulty summoning attempt. The Prinnies promptly quit on her. “Now that Master Etna’s level is so low, there’s nothing left to fear, dood.”
“Freedom at last! Good-bye, dood!”
They peeled away.
“Wow, you must’ve been really horrible to them…” observed Adell. Rozalin agreed.
Etna wanted to hunt her wayward Prinnies down. And awaywe went, to… the Carcassed Lands. Ew!
Exactly as I feared, the See the Ending option goes away after you attempt it. All I did was for naught!

In a way, this was fitting. Both Etna and I messed up in the name of “the lulz”.