4 Free Apps to Help You Cope With Mental Illness



Look, I’m not going to mince words here—mental illness can seriously suck. It double sucks when you’re part of a marginalized population and get the bonus prize of discrimination and oppression. However, if I’ve learned anything, it’s that here at FemHype, we are Big Nerds, and guess what? There are other Big Nerds out there who make cool apps to help people with mental illnesses get up on their feet, and I can hook you up. Even if you aren’t interested in downloading any of these apps for yourself, I highly recommend boosting awareness about them in case one of your friends is!

1. BoosterBuddy (iOS, Android)

BoosterBuddyBoosterBuddyis an app designed by Island Health, a health center that serves Vancouver Island, Canada in collaboration with youth who have lived experiences of mental illness. The main gist of the app is that you pick out a cute…

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