Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days – February 10th, 2010 – March 14th, 2010: Be Careful What You Wish For

February 10th, 2010: I encountered new enemies in an Item World’s Mystery Room. They were Death Sabers, and they looked as cute as their name isn’t. They looked like superdeformed chibi characters in cat costumes! Aww.
The description for Ninja Tabi says, “Sneak up and snap some necks!” IS THAT A REFERENCE TO SOUL NOMAD?!
SN had Danette, a silly girl with a battle cry that was basically, “Let’s snap some necks!” and variations thereof. However, despite the many different acts of cruelty in that game, I don’t remember anyone snapping any necks.
This gives me an idea for a new…
Spotlight: Adventures in Item Descriptions
Demon Bow: “Made in Hell by underpaid, overworked imps.”
Angel Bow: “Made in Heaven by underworked wimps.”
Devil Ring: “Forged in the hellish fires of fiery hell.” Fun!
Berserker: “Its love for you is like a truck.”
Battle Armor: “Love is a battlefield.”
I finally figured out how to use Cell Phones to bribe Dark Assembly senators. You use it from the items menu, and… Adell lies to them. I don’t know why this makes me uncomfortable.
So my bribes helped me increase the already-impressive mobility of my Ninja, Kakashi. Ha!
I really needed help with the White Dragon Party. I can’t remember them ever being on my side.

February 20th, 2010: I entered a higher-level IW. Usually, I just complete Subpoena IWs because higher-level ones are scary, and getting convicted nets you 10K Hell.

Hell is the currency of Disgaea. Did I forget to mention that? :3

But even one with enemies’ levels in their teens offer some new equipment for killing every enemy on a floor.
Verdict? Do it. Just go for higher-level IWs. You should have a Mr. Gency Exit if things go bad.

February 26th, 2010: Watching a bug hypnotize a chest looks weird.
I believe that one of my units was healed by an enemy. Hm. That enemy died at the start of the new turn because Amadocious poisoned him.
Some of my characters are getting pretty ridiculously powerful. But they need to be powerful enough to nip the Mid-Boss in the bud!
Slaying more powerful enemies boosts the Bonus Gauge.

March 14th, 2010: “Noooo! What a shame! What a catastrophe! For the Dark Adonis to be defeated…”
“But, you really weren’t even a challenge,”admitted Adell.
“You just got lucky! My stomach has been quite upset lately! Acid reflux, you know!
Your wish is to see the ending, huh? I shall GRANT your wish!”
Rozalin sighed. “If you’d done that in the beginning, we wouldn’t have had to kick you around.”
“Presenting!” said Mid-Boss. “Engaging and elegant! Majestic and most epic! Please enjoy this world-class, masterpiece ending! BEGIN THE MUSIC!”
After all this buildup, this better be good!
Ugh, it’s just a credits crawl with Mid-Boss’ picture behind it. Rip-off!
“…Uh, this isn’t the sort of ending I was expecting,” admitted Adell.
“The lesson here is: Never try to cheat the system,” said Rozalin.
I… think I’m just gonna continue my “normal” game.
I only tried “See the ending” because I thought that Mid-Boss could join us. Oh, the folly…
At least my characters got SUPER tough training to take him down. Will this make the rest of the game too easy?


Etna starts at lv. one. Woah.
We can create Skeletal Dragons and Baciels now.