Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days – March 16th, 2010: Inhuman Resources

March 16th, 2010: Episode 10: The Two Ninjas: Chapter One – The Carcassed Lands – Rotten Fields
When Tink implied that Etna’s low level would not be raised by empty threats, she said he had earned spot number 42 on her “To Kill List”. “You better watch out when I regain my levels.”
“So, Tink is the 42nd to die…” noted Taro. “Then, who’s the first?”
“Oh, ho ho. That spot is reserved for the person I could kill over and over again, and I’d never get enough! Hahaha! Overlord Zenon is just a stepping stone.”
Then, she suddenly got serious. “The one who I really need to defeat is…”
“Etna’s so cool!” decided Hanako. “She’s like a career demoness!”

The seemingly unconnected fight for this chapter is littered with No Entry Geo Panels and Basilcrows – and the No Entry Geo Crystals are waaay on the other side of the map. The paths on the map are incredibly restrictive. This map basically forces you to use your long-range characters.
Etna admitted that she wanted to kill the God of All Overlords to show up her old boss. They parted ways after a (probably childish) argument.
Hanako was still impressed with Etna, who said that she may take the younger demoness on as an apprentice… one day.
Adell disapproved… in his mind. “A Demon Lord for a sister… That’s all I need.”
Episode 10: Chapter Two: Carcassed Lands – Luring Nightmare
We caught up with Etna’s Prinnies. They stood up for their explosive selves with new equipment that their “big brother” gave them. Etna wanted to know who the “big brother” was, but the Prinnies would not give up anything without a fight.
This map is infested with a bizarre blend of GPs: Evade, Warp, and Deathblow. Which means that everyone could die with one hit, unless Evade kicks in. Of course, you could just throw the Prinnies. This method deprives you of experience points, but explosions are fun.
Meanwhile, in Adell’s hometown, Dad lamented that he could not get rid of the pimple on his chest. Mom realized that Zenon’s curse must have gotten stronger.
Mom: “And you’re one step closer to becoming a monster.”
Pimple: “Hey, I got feelings too. Do you think I wanna grow here, baby? If it was up to me, I woulda chose to grow between the breasts of a swimsuit model, not some dull, old man.”

How horrifying would it be if acne actually could speak?”Avenge meee!” *pop*

Episode 10, Chapter Three: Carcassed Lands – Rebelling Spirit
Some Prinnies tried to ambush us. Yukimaru noted how determined they were to stay out from beneath Etna’s heels. She said that she treated them how they were supposed to be treated: “20 hour work days, with no holidays or compensation. No insurance, or retirement funds. They get a 1-fish bonus, twice a year. See? It’s a standard Prinny contract. It builds character.”


“You… are evil…” said Adell.
“I’m a princess and feel like I should take the Prinnies’ side…” said Rozalin.
This map is infested with No Lifting GPs. No easy mobility for you! Aside from that, it’s just another Prinny-plugged chapter… except for when they use the Fusion GPs to get stronger and gain TONS of levels. I’ve yet to understand how those GPs work.
Etna praised Rozalin’s battle prowess after she noticed how the “Big Brother” ramped up the Prinnies’ strength. Adell tried to take credit for training Rozalin, which Etna thought was cute. Of course, Adell and Rozalin denied, denied, denied.
“There are all kinds of screwed-up couples out there,” said Etna. “I even know of an Overlord that married a human woman.”
“A marriage between a human and a demon, huh?” said Adell. “I guess I can see that happening.” How romantic!

šŸ˜‰ šŸ˜‰ šŸ˜‰

However, Rozain was offended. “Fool! That’s nothing to be impressed about! Essentially, Adell and I are enemies! The only reason we’re together is because we are bound by the summon ritual.” How… unromantic. “Ugh! Why are you all looking at me? Let’s go! Hmph!”
There’s that princess’ attitude.
Episode 10, Chapter Four: Carcassed Lands – Dead Breath
We closed in on the last of the Prinnies. They called on their “Big Brother” – a light blue Prinny with mean eyes.
“I don’t remember seeing that Prinny before,” said Etna.
“When they were talking about their big bro, I pictured a tough guy, but he’s actually really cute, zam,” said Yukimaru.
“You’re too immature,” critiqued the unique Prinny. “You couldn’t see through this simple transformation?”
“Transformation? Then…”
With ninja-like reflexes, the Prinny jumped down in front of the crew, and transformed into a tall demon with clothes like Yukimaru’s.
“Brother!” shouted Yukimaru.
“Brother!?” repeated Adell. “So the Prinnies’ big brother is also your big brother!?”
“Yes… I guess. He is my older brother, Fubuki.”

“You’re still with her…” said Fubuki.
Suddenly, Tink freaked out! “It-it-it’s him! He is ze one who trapped me in zis form!”
“Whattaya mean?” asked Etna. “Weren’t you always a frog?”
“No! I was once a beautiful young man. I used to say I was as honest as an angel and as handsome as ze devil, eh!”
“So, you did this…” said Yukimaru.
“And you tried to kill me at the Colosseum…” realized Rozalin.
“Yes, that was me,” admitted Fubuki. “I had planned to secretly help Yukimaru, but when I met you, I was honestly impressed.”
“I get how you and Yukimaru want to kill Zenon for your own revenge subplot, but why are you trying to kill her, too?” asked Adell. “If you’re going to kill her because she’s Zenon’s daughter, I won’t allow that!”
“If I kill her, Zenon will appear. Therefore, I must kill her. What is the problem here?”
“What’s the problem…!? I want to find Zenon too, but I would never even think of such underhanded tactics!” It’s a ninja thing.
Yukimaru demanded that Fubuki stop. “It is true, Miss Rozalin is  Overlord Zenon’s daughter, but she may be one of us.”
“No more talk!” demanded Fubuki. “To avenge my clan, I must take the life of the Overlord’s daughter.”
Instead of Prinnies, Fubuki’s force consists of samurai. With his ax Niflheim, Fubuki’s attacks are really powerful.

Especially against living things!

Fubuki tried to kill Rozalin, but he was foiled by… Overlod Zenon?!
Meanwhile, Axel whined on SatelliTV about how things just did not feel right, despite his fame, fortune, and adventures.
Elsewhere, the Director felt the same. “Ah, Axel darling, you’ve lost touch with the soul of the Dark Hero. You’re no longer the man I grew to love… There’s only one thing that can wake you up, Axel darling…!”
Episode 11: Awakening
Yukimaru screamed in horror, but Fubuki was merely wounded.
Zenon boasted that he was the one responsible for destroying Fubuki and Yukimaru’s clan, the Snow Clan.