Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days – February 17th, 2016 – March 10th, 2016: Dad Bod/The Black Rose Blooms

February 17th, 2016: Zenon was relieved that he destroyed the Snow Clan after he was nearly killed by Fubuki.
The masked man warned Zenon that strengthening the curse posed further danger to him, but the Overlord had to recover from the last battle.
Zenon: “If I really wanted to regain all of my powers, I would have drained all human memories and conscience long ago…”
Then what do you want?
Zenon: “Let us return to my castle… I will need to go into hiding, until I can restore my powers…”

March 9th, 2016: Zenon’s curse got stronger, and Dad’s bod got possessed by his pimple!
Dad’s Bod: “I love boobies!”
Mom: “Eh, whatever. At least now your body has more personality.”
Dad thought that Adell’s birth parents had something to do with Zenon’s curse.
Mom: “Oh, that sounds kind of important. Anyway, we’re getting close to the final episode, so go ahead and say it.”
Dad: “Huh? Oh, yeah…”
Dad’s Bod: “All hail the Boobie Kingdom!”
You’re not helping! In fact, you made Dad forget what he was gonna say!
I hate Invincibility Geo Crystals… when I’m not the one using them.
As the crew ascended the Tower, it suddenly began to shake. A coarse and wicked laughter broke out.
Etna: “Ugh, that stupid laugh… Why is he here?”
A blue-haired boy with a red scarf teleported in.
Etna: “Uh, hi, Prince!!”
The boy was angry. “What kind of vassal are you!?”
Hanako: “Is this the guy you said you wanted to kill, and kill and kill?”
Etna: “That’s him. The stupid Overlord that I used to serve, Prince Laharl…!”


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Adell: “And we have yet another freak…”
Laharl: “What are you doing here, anyway? Do you have any idea how much we missed you? We didn’t have anyone to do the laundry! You even took all the Prinnies! My castle’s a mess!”
Etna: “Uh, Prince, I’m not your vassal anymore. I came out here to be on my own, and become an Overlord myself.”
“Stop being selfish! No vassal of mine is gonna move out on their own.”
“Whatever… Look, Prince, I know you took the secret herbs, so give ’em back already.”
“What are you talking- …Oh, those.”
Etna held out her greedy little hand. “Fork ’em over.”
“Too bad. I ate them already. What? I was hungry.”
“You ate them!!? With those herbs, I might’ve rcovered my levels!
I’m pissed off! I don’t care about our level difference! Today, I’m gonna beat the living crap outta you, you hear me!!!”
Laharl emitted a powerful aura. “It’s a million years too early for you to beat me!”
I’ll bet Laharl’s level is really huge. Called it: it’s twelve thousand. Well, at least it’s not nine thousand! Ha.
I thought you were better than this to pull this hopeless boss fight crap, game.
Laharl soundly trounced us. “Now, return to my castle and start scrubbing the toilets!”
Rozalin stood up. “Wait! Etna is a part of my group. I cannot allow you to decide her fate.”
Etna: “Y, you…”
Laharl: “Who do you think you are, talking to me, Laharl the Overlord, like that?”
Rozalin: “I am Overlord Zenon’s daughter. I do not fear you!”
A symbol appeared before Rozalin. A seal. Laharl could not resist breaking it with his sword. Unfortunately for him, that unleashed a new side of the princess. Her eyes turned black and red.
She wanted to know who awakened her. “Was it you, kid…? Don’t you know the price for disturbing my slumber…?”
Laharl attacked her to no effect.
Rozalin?: “I am a being of solitude… If you come near, the gates of death will open…”
The battle began anew with a LV 1900 Rozalin. Her only specil attack? Dark Liberation, described as, “When her past is revealed, the world will end”. When she attacks, she yells things like “Death!” and “Pathetic!”
Laharl still puts up a fight. Their hissy fits may result in counter-counter-counter-attacks.
Laharl was shocked that he lost, but he lost none of his confidence. He teleported away.
Etna: “Rozy!? You were awesome! The way you beat the prince… totally awesome. Where did all that power come from?”
Tink: “Princess. Can it be zat ze blood from your fazer has awakened?”
Rozalin?: “Are you my enemy?”
She tried to attack Etna with a lightning bolt.
Rozalin?: “I am a being of solitude… Destined to gather the souls of fools…”
Hanako: “Hey! What’s wrong with Rozy?”
Taro: “A, Adell, Princess is scary.”
Adell… slapped Rozalin, and toldher told her to get a grip on herself. The seal returned.
Rozalin raised her hand. “You insolent… fool…”
She suddenly fell backwards, but Adell caught her before she hit the floor.
Zenon sensed that someone broke the seal. He said that “it has finally come to pass…”
The news. Axel reported that Zenon returned to Veldime.
Axel: “The gate to Zenon’s castle was recently discovered. If you want to check out his castle for yourself, use Gate [AX666].”
He yawned. “Now that the boring stuff is outta the way, we have more news about me! Coming up next, we have a special report with details on my upcoming galactic concert tour.”
Suddenly, a child appeared on the monitor and yelled,”Big Brother, you idiot!”
The Director filmed Axel’s family so that they could stage and intervention for him. His little brother led the charge.
Director: “The Dark Hero was a master of evil. You were everyone’s worst nightmare.”
Axel: “I just, I just wanted a little taste of being a normal hero…”
Axel told Director to return to Veldime to direct the one and only Dark Hero. Director pledged to put his whole heart into it.
Episode 12: Castle Raid
At least Rozalin took Laharl down a peg.