Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days – March 11th – 21st, 2016: Promises, Promises

March 11th, 2016: Episode 12: Castle Raid
In the cutscenes before the levels in this chapter, each character ruminates upon their fears and wishes as the final battle looms over them.
Tink: “First Fubuki, and now ze Princess is down. Our situation, she is getting worse.”
Taro: “I hope Princess is OK…”
Adell: “She’s back to herself. That’s all that matters.”
Meanwhile, back at home, Mom noticed that Fubuki must have gone after Zenon again. Rozalin was ready and raring to find him, and Taro and Hanako knew how to get to Zenon’s castle via Gate AX666. Wait, that was important?!

Adell: “…They put that on the news?”
Hanako: “Yeah, it was on Axel’s news show. …It was pretty boring, though.”
Adell doubted that it was a coincidence that Zenon’s curse began 15 years ago when the Snow Clan was destroyed.
The maps of this chapter are pretty and crystalline, but they are also filled with annoying Geo Crystals. If you can destroy one on the first map, you can rack up an 1,100+ combo.
Adell questioned why he believed the fake Zenon was responsible for everything. Was Adell afraid of fighting Rozalin’s father? He thought to himself, “I’ve hated him for so long… I swore to defeat Overlord Zenon for turning my home into a netherworld…
Damn it… Why am I so conflicted?  What’s wrong with me?  Can I really fulfill all of my promises?  They’ve all started to… blur?”
Yukimaru hoped that her brother would not push himself to death. She only survived their harsh training because of him.
“A man of few words… But, you were my kind and loving brother.
Sir Adell taught me the strength in never giving up! I’ll never give up on you!
We shall avenge our clan together. Then, Fubuki, we can truly live!!”
Dad finally remembers Adell’s birth parents… but then, the game cuts away?! grrrRRRRR


March 14th, 2016: Tink privately wondered how he would get turned back to normal… and how he would get revenge. He decided to rescue Fubuki before killing him.
Tink: “Mademoiselle Yukimaru… I shall do my best to save Monsieur Fubuki’s life.”
Yukimaru: “Oh, Sir Tink. Thank you for your kind words, zam.”
“You do not need to zank me. I am simply a modest demon who was raised to serve. I just want to do my duty.”
You two-faced, backstabbing pond-dweller!
Rozalin internally sought guidance from her father, while Etna plotted revenge against Laharl. Lot of that going around lately.
Meanwhile, Zenon faced an onslaught of Overlords.
I hate No Entry and No Lifting GCs.

March 17th, 2016: Rozalin vaguely remembered what she did and how she acted when she lost control back at Shinra Tower. She was afraid that she would hurt Taro and Hanako, or…
The princess asked Adell to promise to kill her if she lost control again, but Adell reminded her of his promise to protect her.

March 21st, 2016: Castle Gates
Here, Adell and co. had to fight the masked man and woman.
Masked Woman: “…I knew you would come here. If I had the freedom, I would choose not to fight you. But, alas, this is our fate…”
Adell crossed his arms. “Do we really have to fight? I do not wish to fight you either.”
Masked Man: “…Do not hesitate. We have aided the cause of everyone’s suffering… …You must defeat us. Or we will be forced to continue to aid Overlord Zenon and his evil crimes…”
“What? What do you mean?”
Rozalin: “You two… You are being controlled by him?”
Masked Woman: “Yes… Our will and memories are sealed by Overlord Zenon. His power is nearly exhausted from his battle with the other Overlords. As a result, the strength of our seals has also weakened… If you are to defeat Overlord Zenon, now is the time…
Now, you must kill us… Our crimes are too numerous to redeem… Let this be the atonement for our sins…”
And so, Adell and the others fought the masked people for the final time.
They sounded far more emotional than they ever did before.
This battle theme is kinda cool.
The masked man, Shura, is a Demon General immune to physical attacks. The masked woman, Selion, is a Dark Priest immune to magic.
Upon defeat, their seal was broken. They were free.
Shura: “Is this one last miracle before we die…? Is this to allow us to confess to our crimes?”
With their seal broken, their pasts flooded back to them.
Shura: “We need you to hear this. We are demons from another netherworld. We fled to this land to avoid a war for power.”
Selion: “Though they knew we were demons, the people of Veldime gave us a warm welcome… That was the first time we had ever felt the warmth of human kindness. From that moment on, we swore to live here as humans…”
“But 15 years ago… Overlord Zenon came to Veldime…
Our duty was to protect the people we loved. We entrusted everything to our best friends before reverting to demons to face Zenon…”
“But Overlord Zenon’s dark powers were too strong… We were at his mercy. But instead of killing us, he sealed our wills and memories…
He is what caused Veldime to change from a beautiful world into a new netherworld…”
“His powers increase as he changes humans into demons… As long as there are humans, he can always draw more power into himself…”
Etna: “So that’s how he came back to life after I killed him.”
Taro: “Doesn’t that make him invincible?”
Selion: “No… Even his powers have their limit… Their true source is the human conscience…”
Adell: “He feeds off the consciences of humans!? That bastard…”
Yukimaru: “But if that’s running out, then the humans are only a few steps away from becoming monsters…!”
Shura: “…That is right. Once Veldime is populated by real monsters, it will become a true netherworld…
I beg you. We can no longer fulfill our duty. Please perform our duty in our place…”
Adell: “I promise to defeat him, once and for all.”
Shura and Selion’s bodies began to glow and fade away.
Selion:“…And now we can have peace of mind…
Thank you… Adell…”
Back home, Dad recalled who Shura and Selion were, and that they entrusted Adell to him and Mom. Mom said that Adell grew into a fine young man, and that she and Dad would continue to watch over him…
Adell has always been loved.
And now, the news. Without a co-host, Plenair simply smiled and said nothing. That would be preferable to the way news works now, supporting a corrupt two-party system in lieu of objective journalism.
Final Episode: The Truth