Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days – March 23rd, 2016 – April 1st, 2016: Affection

March 23rd, 2016: Once the crew entered Zenon’s Castle, a pained Zenon appeared before them.
Yukimaru: “My clan shall have its vengeance!”
Zenon: “*Pant* You are here, too. How does everyone know where I live?” You have no idea. :3
Hanako: “He’s all beat up already. Are you sure he’s the last boss?”
Rozalin told the imposter that she would cleanse her father’s legacy by beating him.
Zenon: “Princess… I am your father. I have watched over you ever since you were born.”
Rozalin: “You still persist with your lies! I shall match your shamelessness with mercilessness!”
“Have you forgotten my wealth of affection…? The beautiful mansion I built for you. The finest furniture, crafted just for you. The servants who answer only to you. The bouquet of flowers and gifts that were delivered to you everyday, as a reminder of my affection for you, Princess.”
Rozalin took a step back. “How do you know about that!? You were supposed to be an imposter…”

Adell crossed his arms. “Hmph… Affection!? Don’t make me laugh!”
Zenon: “You dare to mock me, boy!”
“If you are her real father, you should be able to prove your affection with your heart, not your words.”
Zenon accused Adell of brainwashing Rozalin: “If you hadn’t exposed her to the outside world, she would have remained pure and obedient for her entire life…
The Princess is mine… I will not allow you to interfere…”
Zenon disappeared, and left behind several Kunoichi, Ninja, and Samurai to try to kill Adell and his friends.
The enemies on this map all begin on Geo Panels with Evade and No Lifting effects, but the great thing is that they’ll leave them to come after you.
After our… heroes beat the guards, giant demons from the Cavern of Evil came as reinforcements. But suddenly, the magic flute echoed through the room. Axel was playing it! “It’s a hero’s job to show up when they’re least expected! ‘Why is that?’ you ask! Because it’s just cooler that way!!”
Adell: “Uh, we didn’t ask that question. But, why are you here?”
“So that I can once again be the Dark Hero! For my final episode, like a phoenix I have sprung from the ashes of my former self!!
I’ll handle this place! You guys go on ahead!”
Hanako jumped for joy. “Bye-bye ♡ Good luck, Axel!”
Yukimaru bowed. “We shall not let your death be in vain, zam!” Yes, your sacrifice will not be forgotten! T.T
Axel: “(sweatdrop)”
With the Director and his cameraman zombie in tow, Axel’s heroism was broadcast far and wide. His family watched and cheered him on.

March 29th, 2016: “Time of Trial” is a tough level because you have to carefully pick off monsters buffed by Enemy Boost x3 Geo Crystals. There are a helluva lot of monsters between you and the offending GC, so I played it safe…for once.
Axel was shocked at how many Overlords arrived. “TV really is marvelous! It can effect real change! Sorry, but I can’t let anyone pass! Why? Because I’m the star of this show!”

April 1st, 2016: The crew finally found Fubuki. Yukimaru tried to convince him that he did not need to sacrifice his life to fulfill his mission.
Fubuki: “I beg you to forgive me of my past actions. And, thank you for taking such good care of Yukimaru.”
Rozalin: “That is all behind us. The only thing that matters now is how we move forward.”
Adell: “I’m pretty sure she just grew on her own.”
He did, however, talk her out of committing seppuku.
Tink told Fubuki that no apology was needed, but he wanted to go back to his, well, relatively normal form. But before Fubuki could return him to normal, Zenon had to be defeated, so he taught Yukimaru the Midare Fubuki technique.
Fubuki joins you in this battle as an AI ally. The enemies level up at the end of every turn thanks to the Enemy LV Up 10% Geo Crystal. It doesn’t help most of them much, since most of them have LVs beginning in the forties. There is a boss that is a bit tougher than the others, however.
After the battle, Fubuki was too drained to continue with the others. Yukimaru swore to finish their mission in his stead.
Fubuki: “Yukimaru… You gave a new light to a heart that was caked with blood and revenge. Live, Yukimaru. Live, not to avenge our fallen family, but to blaze a new  trail for yourself…”