Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days – April 4th, 2016: The Princess’ Secret

April 4th, 2016: The crew finally found Zenon again.
Tink: “He looks like he is ready for a nap.”
Holy crap, Etna. “You old men are all the same… No stamina. And now us girls have to find our own way to amuse ourselves.”
Zenon: “Altered humans…! Do you truly believe you can defeat me, Overlord Zenon?”
Adell: “I don’t know, but I’m sure we can take out a fake one or two!”
Zenon laughed wickedly. “I shall devour every human conscience!”
Oh, great, Adell. Sure, taunt the fake, egomaniacal, power-hungry Overlord.
Zenon: “Hmph… Once I get the Princess back, I’ll have no more use for this world! I’ll just find another human world to conquer! But don’t worry about that, because you’ll already be dead!”

Dark energy swirled around the kids.
Taro moaned. “Princess… My head feels weird…”
Hanako fell to her knees. “Adell… I feel like I’m gonna faint…”
Rozalin: “Taro! Hanako! Hold on to each other! Hurry, Adell! We have to stop him…!”
Zenon turned into a huge monster that looked like a whale with shields and dragon heads on it.
He is LV 90 with 19K HP; he is resistant, but not immune, to all elements; and he can counter ranged and melee attacks.
Upon defeat, Zenon reverted to his usual form. He still tried to absorb the kids’ consciences, and used the stolen power to blow everyone away. Adell, Yukimaru, and Etna jumped in front of the others to protect them.
Deep inside herself, Rozalin heard a voice like hers. She asked if the Princess desired power.
Rozalin: “Y-Yes… I want power… The power to save…everyone.”
Zenon: “No…! You’ll break the seal…!”
Once again, Rozalin’s seal was broken. “I traveled to the edge of oblivion to escape the bloodshed. And yet it seeks me out, even here.
I am a being of solitude… My awakening is your death knell.”
Zenon: “You’ve finally awakened… Overlord Zenon!”
Rozalin was a reincarnation of the real Zenon.
Fake Zenon: “Ah, I see that the memories of your past life have returned. …So, you should also remember me. Since I lost to you, not a single day went by that I didn’t think of revenge… But of course, you were much too powerful. I had no chance of beating you with a direct challenge… But then you solved the problem for me, when you came here to reincarnate and escape your violent existence. I searched you out, kidnapped you, trapped you in a mansion, and raised you as my own daughter… To keep you forever trapped in a life of idle insignificance… That was my revenge!! The knowledge that you admired me as your own father validated my superiority!”
Zenon: “And? What is this history lesson all about? I have no interest in your worthless quest for revenge… You nameless fool…”
“What!? You still look down on me!? All that remains is to destroy you. Then, my satisfaction will be complete…! Overlord Zenon!! Die!!!!”
He attacked her, to no effect.
Zenon: “…I am a being of solitude… To me… everything is an enemy…”
Zenon obliterated the fake, once and for all. Then, she turned her attention towards her former friends.
Adell: “…If you want to kill me, then go ahead. But, please spare the others. I promised that I would protect you… So, I will not fight you.”
Taro: “What happened, Princess? We’re not your enemies!”
Zenon: “I am a being of solitude. You are my enemy…”
“But, you’re not alone anymore! You officially made me your servant!”
“I cannot trust in servants… Servants will betray me and die.”
Hanako: “What about us? You told me that you loved the rice balls I made for you! We’re… friends, aren’t we?”
“I have no friends… All I have are enemies.”
Tink: “And what about me? Is your childhood friend your enemy, too? When we were kids, we were inseparable.”
“Everyone who has ever come close to me, has betrayed me…”
Yukimaru:“Miss Rozalin, you helped us save my brother’s life, even after he tried to kill you… Where did that kindness go, zam?”
“…If I had my memory at the time, I would have killed him myself…”
Etna: “Look, not that I care if you kill them all, but doesn’t being controlled by memories of a past life kinda make you a tool?”
“What do you know about it…? No one can understand my vast loneliness…”
Adell approached Zenon and said, “You aren’t alone. You have friends that care about you… and Etna.”
Zenon: “S-Silence… You’re all enemies…!”
She attacked him with a lightning bolt, which he withstood.
Zenon: “Wh-Why didn’t you dodge that?”
Adell: “I promised to protect you.”
He hugged her and reiterated that she was not alone.
Zenon: “*sob* Sh-Shut up… You’re an enemy. I can’t trust anyone…”
“Stop talking. And trust this.”

He snapped her out of her crushingly lonely, hateful oblivion.
The credits. It shows some illustrations that tell what became of the characters after the fake Zenon’s defeat.
Axel returned to his home village to visit his siblings. Fubuki turned Tink back to normal, and then he headed north with Yukimaru. Etna reluctantly returned to Laharl. Eventually, everything returned to relative normalcy.
One year later. Usagi reported that Axel claimed to have perpetrated th the Overlord Zenon incident as a hoax. “Showing no signs of regret, Axel was quoted as saying, ‘I am the only true Dark Hero. What can I say, I fooled you, Luger!’
One year later, the only significant effect of this bizarre and pointless act was the mark that Axel has forever left in history.”
It showed a picture of Axel being popular with the ladies.
Finally, we end with a letter from Hanako to “Tardo” (you really never let that go, game).
How are you doing? I’m doing good.
I got some treats from Yukimaru and Fubuki the other day. They were excited about rebuilding their village.
By the way… Are Mom and Dad still mad?
I guess it’s normal for them to be mad that I did something like this. Especially after ws turned into humans!
But I already made up my mind. I guess it’s like that time you decided you wanted to be Rozy’s servant.
Anyway Tardo, it’s about time for you to go out and find a girlfriend.
Tell Adell and Rozy they better get along with each other too.

Etna: “Hanako. We gotta leave soon. Today, the Prince wants us to go out to the [Sea of Gehenna] and send this Dragon King packing, OK?”
“OK ♡”
Tardo, I’m gonna be a Demon Lord for sure!