Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots – November 1st, 2009: Introduction, Part One: Les Enfants Terrible


System: PS3
Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment
Developer: Kojima Productions
Released: June 12th, 2008
“Only two today? Solidus must have taken the day off.”
A little girl named Sunny prepared breakfast for her friends aboard the Nomad. The second yolk was damaged. While the eggs cooked, she sang a song that consisted entirely of numbers.
As Otacon tapped away at the keyboard behind his many monitors, Roy Campbell explained the way the world worked. It shifted from an oil-based economy to a war-based one. Privatized military companies (PMCs) engaged in conflicts with this sole justification.
The most powerful PMC, named Outer Heaven, was involved in the conflicts of five separate countries.

The reason why Roy went to Solid Snake – one of the clones of legendary soldier Big Boss – was because Revolver Ocelot became the new boss of Outer Heaven. Ocelot idolized and eventually worked alongside Big Boss, and later worked for Boss’ other, inferior clone, Liquid Snake, on Shadow Moses Island. Ocelot lost his hand to a cyborg ninja and later grafted Liquid’s hand onto his arm after Liquid was killed by Snake.
Roy claimed that Liquid’s will lived on through Ocelot. Liquid even periodically gained control over Ocelot’s body to speak through him. Or perhaps Liquid already took over Ocelot’s mind. Much like how Ocelot controlled Outer Heaven.
Roy asked Snake to terminate Liquid and put an end to his dream of perpetual war states. Snake accepted, but…

“Terminates”. Kojima, you geek. 😉

Three days before Snake departed for the Middle East, he visited a cemetery. The player did not get to see whose grave it was.
Soon, Otacon arrived in a gunship.
Snake: “Even dead friends have ears.”
Otacon explained that Snake’s premature aging was a mystery. Snake estimated that he had a year left.
There was also FoxDIE.
A traitor named Naomi Hunter injected this engineered virus into him.
No one saw her since the operation on Shadow Moses.
Nearing the end of his unnatural life, Snake chose to play the lead role in the operation. Despite the gnarled wrinkles on his hands, and despite the virus that could be triggered remotely.
Act One: Liquid Sun
Snake dropped down into the middle of a fight between the PMC and a rebel army. He had to pretend to be a member of the rebel army and meet “Rat Patrol”, who claimed to know where Ocelot was.
Right off the bat, Snake had to thwart Geckos (giant robotic bipeds, like smalled Metal Gears) and PMC soldiers. He made his way past them to where Metal Gear Mark II was hidden. Mk. II was a tiny robot assistant built for Snake by Otacon and Sunny, and it was so CUTE
Snake snuck through a PMC safehouse and met Drebin, a weapons launderer with no allegiance to anything but money. He sold guns to Snake, and extra weapons that Snake found were automatically sold to Drebin through Mk. II for Drebin Points.

A cool system, but I don’t remember using it much.

Next, Snake had to navigate a maze of a dilapidated building. It was shocking when when certain parts of it suddenly collapsed.
PMC soldiers were fighting outside of the building. You could take the opportunity to snipe or tranq them.
Snake left the building and eavesdropped on an encounter between the opposing forces. A rebel relieved himself under the cover of a barrel. But a PMC soldier saw through it and tipped it over. The rebel’s bare backside was exposed. The PMC soldier chased after him. At least Snake could use the barrel now!