Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots – November 3rd, 2009 Part One: Akiba’s Trip

November 3rd, 2009: The title screen also shows Snake at the cemetery, but this may be a flash forward to the end of the game…

Is it wrong to admire Old Snake in his OctoCamo suit? It’s very tight.

OctoCamo was a new way of improving on the camo system from MGS3. Instead of constantly going into a menu to fiddle with your camo settings, merely sitting still a few seconds allowed OctoCamo to blend in with your current environment. Rad.

Otacon  provided the OctoCamo suit. He modeled after the octopus’ camouflage ability.
When you pause, you see Otacon’s corner on the Nomad. Sunny sat in his chair and played with his computer. I’m tellin’.
As Snake tried to move his way through the Advent Palace, he was held up by a rebel soldier. But Snake easily disarmed them.
Then, the other rebels appeared. Their leader was Meryl Silverburgh, who was one of Snake’s allies on Shadow Moses. Or perhaps they were something more. She also survived torture at the hands of Ocelot.


She was surprised at how much Snake had aged.
After she reprimanded the dorky rebel, Akiba, she revealed that her group was known as Rat Patrol. They were investigating PMCs.
Meryl placed her hand on Snake’s shoulder, but he shrugged it off.
Akiba’s actual name is… Johnny.
Other members include Ed and Jonathan, who had a mohawk shaped like an exclamation point.
All of the soldiers were linked to the system that monitored every aspect of their performance on the battlefield. It was called Sons of the Patriots, or SOP for short.
Groups like Meryl’s were in place to inspect what SOP could not.
She was upset to learn that her uncle, Colonel Campbell,  sent Snake in to check up on her and Rat Patrol. But it was complicated – Campbell was actually her father. His marriage to a woman her own age strained their relationship, so she started to call him her uncle.
Akiba is such a dork. The reflection off of his binoculars was noticed by FROGS, female members of Liquid’s personal army.
Snake and Rat Patrol had to flee the palace. They took a shortcut by jumping down an elevator shaft. It led to a garage where some FROGS tried to jump them. The FROGS attacked Jonathan, but his shared senses with the other members of Rat Patrol helped them retaliate.
After their display of nanomachine-assisted teamwork, Meryl asked Snake if his “age of heroes” was over.
Snake: “I’m no hero… never was.”
Meryl copied Liquid’s location to Snake’s radar before they parted ways.
Otacon then called over the CODEC. “Meryl’s changed, hasn’t she?”
He thought that she seemed more self-assured, but Snake implied that SOP helped her feel that way.

In hindsight, isn’t that kinda jerky, even if it is kinda true? IDK, it rubs me the wrong way now.

The FROGS erupt in blue flames before they perish.
A rebel tried to drive a forklift down the street, but then they were assaulted by the Beasts. One was like a panther, and she screamed in agony as the rebels shot at her. Another flew overhead as she screamed about rage. Yet another equipped with four tentacles urged a rebel to “Laugh with me!” before she squeezed him to death.
The last one twisted a rebel into knots with telekinesis.
“It can’t be…” said Snake, who wondered if it was Psycho Mantis, but this new assailant was a woman that floated overhead.
The Beasts left in a fashions equally dramatic to their attacks. The wolf howled, the bird flew off, and the octopus tore off asking, “Isn’t it funny?!”

Hilarious. -.-

Finally, the octopus bowed.