Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots – November 3rd, 2009 Part Two

November 3rd, Part Two: One constant in MGS are the Easter eggs. References to MGS games, other Hideo Kojima games, and other Konami games. The first reference I noticed was in the Act One briefing. One of Otacon’s desktop images is from Zone of the Enders: The Second Runner.
I was surprised that Snake brought his iPod with him. You can find tracks from other Metal Gear games throughout MGS4. They even come with some trivia. Snake’s iPod also comes with an in-game podcast.
So far, I’ve tried to be more stealthy here than in the other MGS games. I’ve mainly used the Stun Knife and Mark 2 tranquilizer gun. I haven’t killed a single PMC aside from FROGs yet.
When I first started the game, there were some bizarre live action segments, like a game show, and an haute couture ad with an octopus.
Back to the recap. Snake infiltrated the PMC camp and told Mk. II to stay a little behind him. He used the Solid Eye’s binoculars mode. It allowed him to see Liquid Ocelot across the way. Rat Patrol was nearby, and Meryl called Snake over the CODEC to ask him if he was there to kill Liquid, so he fessed up to it. Meryl said that Rat Patrol couldn’t help because theirs was a peacekeeping mission.

Suddenly, Liquid told someone over the radio to “activate it”. “It” scrambled all nanomachines within a certain radius. PMC soldiers started vomiting, or wetting themselves, or fighting each other. Even Rat Patrol members foamed at the mouth – all of them except Akiba, who panicked.
“I never thought it would be so easy,” boasted Liquid. He called the “results” “refreshing”. His female guest was horrified.

Snake was also affected by the disruptive device, but he still stumbled towards Liquid.
Liquid called him “brother” and said that he should rejoice, because “We’re not copies of our father after all!”
Liquid claimed that he would “surpass his own origin”.
His guest walked over to Snake and dropped something next to him. The guest was Naomi. “Snake… if you won’t be a prisoner to fate… then go.”
Liquid escaped via helicopter. Akiba rescued Snake, and so ended Act One.
Then, rain, thunder, and lightning.
Mission Briefing
Another omelet, another song about numbers. Sunny wore an apron as she tried to present breakfast again. “Uncle Hal? They’re… ready…”
Otacon thanked her. However, a groggy Snake criticized her omelet. “I don’t remember the sun being so flat.”
He asked Hal how long he was out.
“All day,” answered Hal.
They tried to understand what happened yesterday. Hal said that Naomi emailed him a video to his old email address.
Sunny presented another omelet. Hal said that they were delicious, but the girl noticed that neither he nor Snake ever ate them.
“We adults have to watch our caloric intake, y’know,” laughed Snake. He thanked her for the cigarette on the plate, however.
“Y-y-you’re not watching your n-n-nicotine intake,” noted Sunny.
Naomi’s situation was dire. She was kidnapped and taken to South America to work for Outer Heaven. She said that Liquid found a way into the System.
She needed to be saved.
Campbell called. Snake asked where Meryl was. Campbell said that she left the Middle East in pursuit of Liquid.
In 20 hours, Snake had to travel to South America and sneak in as a UN inspector. That cover 2ould help him find Naomi.